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Politics 10-06-2022

To defeat Putin, we must shield Europeans from the shockwaves of the war

The Russian war against Ukraine will inevitably result in a severe economic shock of uncertain magnitude in the European Union. Rapid increases in food and energy prices are affecting the most vulnerable Europeans, aggravating energy poverty and worsening living conditions.
Economy & Jobs 07-02-2022

Europe must reform its fiscal rules or risk disintegration

Thirty years after the Maastricht Treaty was signed, the fiscal rules it imposed on EU member states are an outdated and counterproductive constraint, writes Benoît Lallemand.
Economy & Jobs 30-10-2017

EMU: Focus on market discipline, financial stability, not on fiscal smoothing

The mood in Europe has changed. Attention has shifted from crisis management to how to make the European Union and in particular the eurozone function better in the longer term, writes Juha  Sipilä.