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Elections 22-09-2021

Post-election Germany: back to austerity or fit for a fiscal union?

Germany is heading to the polls on Sunday (26 September) amid intense debate on the future of Europe's fiscal policy.

The case for adapting the policy framework in the euro area

Maintaining a learning mindset and showing willingness to adapt the policy framework of European monetary union is "crucial" to the euro's long-term success, according to a January report from Bruegel.
Euro & Finance 15-06-2007

‘Use the boom’, Commission tells EU

Although EU public finances improved dramatically last year, many member states are still failing to use the economic boom to decrease their deficits further, the Commission said this week.
Euro & Finance 12-09-2003

Commission foresees fiscal sustainability of new EU members

Two new Commission studies state that low starting debt levels and expected high GDP growth constitute favourable conditions for the future EU members' medium-term fiscal sustainability.