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Tons of dead fish wash up on Spain’s Mar Menor shores

Thousands of dead fish have washed up on the shores of Spain’s Mar Menor in an environmental disaster that has shocked residents and tourists visiting the area, EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.

Science must finally become the foundation of our marine policies

2021 marks the start of the UN Decade on Ocean Science – a chance to move away from past mistakes where EU decisions were not always made based on the best-available science or even went against scientific advice, writes Antonia Leroy.

Europe must uphold key EU law protecting freshwater fishes

Europe is no exception to the decline in freshwater biodiversity, due to many threats such as agricultural pollution, or the overwhelming development of hydropower, writes Dr Steven Weiss. Dr Steven Weiss is an associate professor at the Institute of Biology,...
Agrifood 28-10-2019

Commission sets out 2020 fishing quotas in the Atlantic and North Sea

On 24 October, the EU proposed to significantly reduce total allowable catches (TACs) in the North-East Atlantic and the North Sea for cod starting in 2020. EURACTIV's partner le Journal de l'Environnement reports. 
Agrifood 14-10-2019

Something fishy this way comes

We can have more fish in the sea and secure a profitable future for our fishermen and women if we respect the sustainable limits of catches and let the stocks recover, writes Chris Davies.
Agrifood 08-04-2019

Seven benefits of having an aquaponics garden at home

The European Parliament research service recently listed aquaponics – the symbiotic cultivation of fish and plants – as one of the ten technologies that could change our lives, producing local food without any chemical fertilisers, writes Robert Woods.
Agrifood 16-10-2018

EU farm ministers raise Baltic fish quotas, angering environmentalists

European Union ministers agreed on Monday (15 October) to sharply boost catch quotas for western Baltic cod as part of new fishing regulations for next year that angered environmentalists.
Agrifood 12-10-2018

When will Denmark stop overfishing and start enforcing the rules?

Denmark has become the worst perpetrator of Baltic overfishing over the last years, putting in serious danger entire species, such as the Baltic’s iconic cod, warns Rebecca Hubbard.
Brexit 05-07-2018

UK vows to play hard-ball with EU over fishing waters

The UK outlined plans to overhaul its fishing policy on Wednesday, insisting that it would decide unilaterally how much access to give to EU boats after it leaves the bloc next March.
Agrifood 07-06-2018

EU should use due diligence in fisheries import

The European Parliament has adopted an initiative report this week about the conformity of fisheries products that have access to the EU market. The EU is the largest market for fish in the world and it may need to be even more vigilant to keep illegally caught fish from arriving in the EU indirectly, writes Linnéa Engström.
Agrifood 22-11-2017

Disgraceful behaviour by the EU at high-level tuna meeting in Marrakesh

While claiming to fight for the oceans and put sustainability first, the European Commission is pushing for the largest total allowable catches of bluefin tuna ever seen, without a solid scientific basis, write Linnéa Engström, Ricardo Serrão Santos and Norica Nicolai.
Agrifood 15-02-2013

EU gives ‘untimely’ OK to pork, poultry in fish feed

The European Commission has reapproved the use of reconstituted animal protein for use in fish feed from June 2013, in a move declared "untimely" by French deputy minister for food Guillaume Garot.
Climate change 16-12-2009

EU to increase fishing of some species, cut others

European Union ministers reached a deal yesterday (15 December) to reduce many of next year's fish quotas for overexploited species, while cautiously increasing others to ensure the livelihood of fishermen.
Agrifood 27-11-2009

Fish farming seen driving food security

As global fish stocks continue to plunge, fish farming is seen as a way of contributing to food security. The EU has pledged to increase the competitiveness of European aquafarming to meet a growing appetite for seafood, but policymakers stress that this must go hand-in-hand with farming to restore fish stocks.
Climate change 10-09-2009

Commission warms to bluefin tuna ban

The European Commission decided to provisionally back a proposed ban on the international trade of Atlantic bluefin tuna on Tuesday (8 September).
Climate change 01-09-2009

EU mulls ban on tuna as stocks near collapse

The EU and its member states have made separate moves recently to tighten up controls against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. They are set to meet this week to decide whether to support a ban on bluefin tuna, as scientists warn of a looming collapse in fish stocks.
Climate change 12-02-2009

Green groups call for mercury labelling of fish

Environmental NGOs have called for fish and seafood products to carry labels indicating their level of mercury content, claiming that eating fish can be "hazardous".
Climate change 30-09-2008

Ministers back EU fisheries reform plans

EU fisheries ministers yesterday asked the Commission to "kick-start preparations immediately" for widespread reform of the Union's fisheries policy. Meanwhile environmental groups repeated calls for bloc's fleet to be reduced in size.

EU launches ‘major’ fisheries policy review

EU fisheries policy will be "fully reviewed" with "major reform" proposed by 2012 at the latest, the EU executive announced yesterday (17 September). But environmental groups said "drastic and urgent" change would be required for European fisheries to become sustainable.
Climate change 26-06-2008

EU moves to combat illegal fishing, protect ecosystems

Fisheries ministers from the 27-member bloc have given their unanimous backing to Commission proposals to combat illegal fishing and protect vulnerable marine ecosystems, in a move welcomed by European environmental groups.
Climate change 28-03-2008

EU revamps fisheries department in sustainability drive

The European Commission will restructure its fisheries and maritime affairs department along geographic lines as part of a "far-reaching" reorganisation which includes its re-branding as 'DG MARE', it announced yesterday (27 March).
Climate change 19-02-2008

EU moves to tackle illegal fishing

Ahead of new proposals to tighten controls on illegal fishing in EU waters, Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg told ministers yesterday (18 February) that the phenomenon remains a major cause for concern due to "serious shortcomings" in the enforcement of the Common Fisheries Policy.
Climate change 01-02-2008

Fisheries: Parliament calls for discard ban

Beam trawl and cod fisheries should be selected as pilot projects for the elimination of discards with a view to extending the scheme across the entire EU fishing sector, recommends a report adopted yesterday (31 January) in the European Parliament.
Climate change 06-12-2007

Court report reveals ‘failure’ of EU fisheries management

Overfishing linked to major shortcomings in the EU’s fisheries management system is endangering European fish stocks, according to a new report from the European Court of Auditors.