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  • EU agrees to sanction Faroe Islands over herring catch

    News | Agrifood 01-08-2013

    EU member states have agreed to support sanctions against the Faroe Islands, including a possible import ban or closing its ports to its boats, to protest the islands' decision to triple the limit on herring fishing.

  • EU ministers approve crackdown on over-fishing

    News | Agrifood 30-05-2013

    The European Union agreed early today (30 May) to put an end to decades of over-fishing and rebuild dwindling stocks by 2020, as part of a deal to overhaul of fisheries policy.

  • EU ministers reject full ban on fish discards

    News | Agrifood 27-02-2013

    European Union fisheries ministers agreed on Wednesday (27 February) to reduce the wasteful practice of discards - throwing unwanted fish back into the sea, usually dead or dying - but stopped short of a full ban.

  • MEPs cast vote to restore EU fish stocks

    News | Agrifood 07-02-2013

    The European Parliament on Wednesday (6 February) overwhelmingly backed reform to end decades of over-fishing and restore EU sea stocks to healthy levels by 2020.

  • Ministers snag deal on fishing quotas

    News | Agrifood 21-12-2012

    European Union fisheries ministers have hammered out a 2013 quota deal, which they said struck a compromise between protecting over-exploited stocks such as haddock and plaice and safeguarding fishermen's livelihoods.

  • EU Fisheries Council sails into troubled waters

    News | Climate change 16-03-2012

    The EU Fisheries Council meeting on Monday will direct Europe’s fishing fleets to confine their trawling off the coast of developing countries exclusively to “surplus resources” of fish, according to draft council conclusions seen by EURACTIV.

  • World nations reject ban on bluefin tuna

    News | Sustainable Development 19-03-2010

    Governments attending the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) have rejected an EU-backed proposal to ban trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna to give the species time to reproduce.

  • EU countries reject ban on bluefin tuna

    News | Climate change 22-09-2009

    EU member states yesterday (21 September) failed to support proposals aimed at temporarily banning international trade of Atlantic bluefin tuna in order to preserve the species, as a result of opposition from Spain, Malta, Italy, France, Greece and Cyprus. The bloc's environment ministers will have their final say by the end of the year. 

  • Ministers OK fuel aid for fishermen, slam farm reform plans

    News | Agrifood 16-07-2008

    EU agriculture and fisheries ministers gave their backing to a €2 billion emergency aid package to help fishermen adjust to rising fuel prices. A large majority of them also lashed out at Commission plans to slash farm subsidies against the current background of a global food crisis.

  • Oil protests take EU by storm

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 02-06-2008

    Strikes and protests have spread across Europe amid growing anger at record-high oil prices, with leaders from the 27 EU countries at odds over the best response to the crisis.

  • EU to chart comprehensive sea and coastland policy

    News | Science & Policymaking 03-03-2005

    The Commission is launching consultations for an
    all-encompassing approach to maritime and coastland policy aimed at
    developing sustainable economic activity. Sectors concerned include
    fisheries, tourism, energy and transport.