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Economy & Jobs 13-07-2018

France rolls out the red carpet for finance sector post-Brexit

France's prime minister presented new measures to appeal to financial circles, which are currently considering their post-Brexit options. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.
Elections 19-01-2018

Italy’s centre-right leaders sign policy pact ahead of election

Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and his rightist allies agreed on Thursday (18 January) to a joint manifesto ahead of a 4 March national election, committing themselves to cutting taxes and rolling back pension reform.

One Europe, one tax: plans for a common consolidated corporate tax base

A Commission plan to introduce a common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) is likely to benefit large enterprises but smaller companies will be "out of their depth" when choosing between national and European systems, according to a new Deutsche Bank Research paper by Frank Zipfel.
Central Europe 01-08-2007

Taxes: the world is getting flatter

Reformers in Central and Eastern Europe are once again adhering to a "Marxist ideal" in the shape of flat taxes, argues S. Adam Cardais in a 30 July article for Transitions Online. However, economic miracles are not made of flat taxes alone, he warns.

Debate over tax sovereignty heats up in Slovakia

Christian Democrats urge Parliament to defend Slovakia’s ‘flat tax’ regime against future EU harmonisation as discussions over environmental tax reforms take shape in Brussels.

IMF study: Flat tax ‘a craze’

Some of the countries that have introduced flat taxes within the past 12 years - including the Baltic countries, Slovakia and Romania - may be forced to drop the scheme, a study commissioned by the IMF states.

Flat tax

'Flat tax' is a recurring issue in the new member states these days, and calls for tax cuts and simplification are also coming from elsewhere in Europe. Meanwhile, divisions remain on its merits.
Future EU 29-11-2005

Slovakia “surprised” by Merkel’s stance on taxes

Slovakia's centre-right government had hoped for the new German government's support for a more "liberal" approach to the European economy but Chancellor Merkel’s latest attacks on low taxes in some new member states point to the opposite, reports EURACTIV.sk

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