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Tests come in negative

Animals suspected of being infected with foot-and-mouth disease in France, Belgium and Denmark have tested negative
Health 25-04-2002

EP Committee visits UK to examine management of foot and mouth outbreak

A Delegation from the European Parliament's Foot and Mouth Committee visited the UK from 17 to 20 April 2002 in order to examine the management of the foot-and-mouth outbreak. The Committee is examining the outbreak in each of the Member States affected with a view to making policy recommendations for tackling FMD and other farming diseases at an EU level in future.
Health 05-12-2001

Export of live pigs from UK can restart

On 4 December 2001, the EU's Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) voted in favour of a European Commission proposal allowing the UK to export live pigs from certain areas, for the first time since the foot-and-mouth crisis. The areas from which the UK is allowed to export fresh meat from bovine, ovine and caprine animals have also been extended.

Further lift of foot-and-mouth restrictions on pigmeat and beef in the UK

The Standing Veterinary Committee voted on Wednesday 24 October in favour of a European Commission proposal extending the area from where Britain is allowed to export fresh pigmeat and beef. The extension concerns all the counties that have had no outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease or have remained free of the disease for more than three months.
Agrifood 17-08-2001

Commission approves foot-and-mouth compensation

The European Commission has authorised 400 million euro of advance payments to Member States hit by the foot-and-mouth (FMD) crisis. Governments compensated farmers forced to slaughter their animals in an effort to stem the spread of the disease.
Agrifood 08-08-2001

Commission looks into foot-and-mouth payments

The European Commission's anti-fraud office, OLAF, is currently reviewing the system of compensation payments made to British farmers. The moves follow a report by the EU's Food and Veterinary Office, which criticises the UK's compensation system as excessive and fundamentally flawed. The EU is expected to pay up to 60 percent of the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) cost for compensating farmers.

Commission presents new BSE and FMD measures to Agriculture Council

Commission announces new BSE measures and indicates intentions to present new Directive on measures to fight against foot and mouth
Enlargement 22-05-2001

Sugar and beef plans top Agriculture Council agenda

EU agriculture minister meeting to focus on reforms to the beef and sugar markets

EU relaxes Dutch foot-and-mouth restrictions

EU chief vets vote in favour of Commission proposals to relax certain foot-and-mouth disease restrictions

Restrictions on foot and mouth disease relaxed

EU vets vote in favour of several Commission proposals to relax EU-wide restrictions with regard to foot and mouth disease

First human cases of foot-and-mouth disease?

UK Department of Health officials are investigating three suspected cases of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in humans
Agrifood 24-04-2001

Sugar, animal feed and bananas on farming agenda

EU agriculture minister meet in Luxembourg to discuss current sugar regime, extension of the animal feed ban and recent EU-US banana agreement

German vaccination plan delayed

Plans to vaccinate cows against foot and mouth disease in Germany's largest state have been put on hold

Further foot-and-mouth restrictions for the Netherlands

Commission adopts further restrictions after newest outbreak of foot-and-mouth in the Netherlands
Vaccination 10-04-2001

EU farm ministers reject calls for mass vaccination

EU agriculture ministers reject calls for mass animal vaccination whilst UK and Netherlands lobby for urgent review of animal health policy
Vaccination 09-04-2001

Vaccination debate hijacks informal agriculture meeting

Foot-and-mouth set to dominate informal two-day meeting of EU agriculture ministers

Veterinary experts relax bans for France and Northern Ireland

EU's Standing Veterinary Committee extends restrictions in the Netherlands and UK, relaxes in France and Northern Ireland

Export bans eased in France and N. Ireland

EU vets ease export ban on France and Northern Ireland, while US will lift its ban on EU raw meat in stages

Foot-and-mouth forces Blair to postpone elections

Foot-and-mouth outbreak forces Prime Minister Tony Blair to postpone Britain's local and national elections by one month
Vaccination 02-04-2001

Zoo animals to be vaccinated

Veterinary and zoo experts in favour of vaccination of endangered species in zoos in principle

EU gives green light to UK vaccination scheme

Vets give UK permission to vaccinate up to 180,000 dairy cattle in Cumbria and Devon against foot and mouth disease

Foot-and-mouth vaccines don’t work?

Emergency vaccination scheme against foot-and-mouth disease may make no difference according to suppressed UK government report

Chief vets extend all bans

EU vets extend bans on the export of livestock susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease from Ireland, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom

Vaccination may be necessary in UK

Tony Blair has hinted that he is seriously considering vaccinating animals to control the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease