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Agrifood 21-04-2009

Is Local Food Better?

"Local food is delicious," but the problems with the food system and its environmental impact - and the solutions to address them - are global, writes Sarah DeWeerdt in an April paper for the Worldwatch Institute.
Agrifood 30-06-2008

Why are current world food prices so high?

Current high food prices are being caused by several complex factors, including high energy prices and poor harvests, according to experts at the Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands.
Health 12-10-2007

Should the EU legislate to fight against obesity?

A ban on advertising is not the right solution to fighting childhood obesity, argues Guillaume Vuillemey in this paper from the Institut Économique Molinari.
Health 30-04-2002

Making a meal of Europe’s food-and-drink business

Making a meal of Europe’s food-and-drink business The McKinsey Quarterly, 2000 Number 1 Policy relevance: Following a series of disastrous food crises in Europe, the EU has created strict food safety rules and mechanisms for rapid response in case of...
Health 08-02-2002

Bagging Europe’s Groceries

Bagging Europe’s Groceries “Takeovers in Europe’s grocery-retailing sector work best on the national level. But pressure to grow and the “Wal-Mart factor” are forcing big supermarket chains to look abroad.” The McKinsey Quarterly, 2000 Number 2 Summary by EURACTIV: Between...