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  • Commission takes aim at retailers in food supply probe

    News | Agrifood 29-10-2009

    The European Commission yesterday (28 October) launched an inquiry into the food supply chain for unfair contractual practices imposed on small farmers by major retail chains and other buyers, in a drive to curb future food price increases and ensure farmers get a fair share of the price of end products.

  • Is Local Food Better?

    Opinion | Agrifood 21-04-2009

    "Local food is delicious," but the problems with the food system and its environmental impact - and the solutions to address them - are global, writes Sarah DeWeerdt in an April paper for the Worldwatch Institute.

  • SMEs hit out at cost of EU food labelling proposals

    News | Agrifood 29-08-2008

    A public hearing in the European Parliament on 28 August 2008 saw food industry stakeholders hit out against Commission proposals on nutrition labelling, which they say are overly complex and will push up costs for small businesses.

  • Parliament adopts stricter rules for food additives

    News | Agrifood 09-07-2008

    MEPs rejected firm bans on colourings in favour of stronger labelling systems, although Green MEPs regretted that these will not cover GMO additives.

  • Why are current world food prices so high?

    Opinion | Agrifood 30-06-2008

    Current high food prices are being caused by several complex factors, including high energy prices and poor harvests, according to experts at the Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands.

  • Restaurants’ carbon footprint under scrutiny

    News | Climate change 23-05-2008

    The environmental cost of imported foodstuffs used in restaurants is much higher than previously thought, with cheaper meals carrying higher carbon footprints, according to a study by the University of Nottingham.

  • IFPRI: ‘Food crisis not over when prices come down’

    Interview | Health 19-05-2008

    While the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) does foresee an end to the current commodity price crisis, it underlines that the consequences will be visible for decades to come as children who have suffered from deficiencies in food, for even a couple of months, will never really recover. Von Braun was speaking to EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Interview: Winners of food price boom must help solve crisis

    News | Health 19-05-2008

    As the current food and commodity price boom leads to a massive redistribution of wealth in the world, the International Food Policy Research Institute is calling on major oil and food exporting countries and related corporations to participate in funding the response to the crisis.

  • MEPs back ban on bright colouring additives in food

    News | Health 07-05-2008

    Parliament's Environment Committee has voted to ban colouring agents in food, as recent research on health effects of bright colouring additives in sweets and soft drinks shows that these dyes can cause hyperactivity in children. 

  • Food labelling not enough to curb EU obesity trends

    News | Health 17-04-2008

    Both food industry representatives and public health stakeholders are urging EU governments to include nutrition education in their school curricula.

  • Commission encourages development of ‘innovative’ foods

    News | Health 15-01-2008

    The Commission has proposed speeding up market authorisation for foods ranging from cloned meat to exotic products from third countries. But the proposed centralised authorisation system is raising questions at a time when the safety of GMOs is back under the spotlight.

  • Food and drink companies in child ad pledge

    News | Health 12-12-2007

    Eleven major food and beverage companies, including Nestlé and Coca-Cola, have jointly pledged to change the way they advertise to children. The commitment follows Commission calls to restrict advertising of unhealthy foods as childhood obesity is rapidly increasing in the EU.