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Health 04-06-2018

Plain packaging: ‘Brand-theft’ or better consumer protection?

The rising trend of imposing plain packaging on unhealthy products has raised eyebrows in the industry, which fears that its brands are under threat. The World Health Organisation, on the other hand, insists that the measure provides a long-term benefit for public health.
Agrifood 01-09-2014

Commission silent over Turkey’s hopes to profit from Russian food ban

At least publicly, the Commission has kept silent over Turkey’s statements that it should profit from the Russian embargo on imported Western food. EURACTIV Greece reports.
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Global Europe 26-08-2014

German lobby group regrets fall of exports to Russia

German exports to Russia could fall as much as 20-25% this year due to the effect of sanctions, a German business lobby group said yesterday (25 August), adding that confusion over the scope of sanctions was driving Russian customers away.
Enlargement 22-08-2014

Serbia assures EU it will not exploit Russian food ban

Under pressure from the EU to come clean following controversial statements from a member of his government, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vu?i? stated Friday (22 August) that his country had no intention of profiting from the Russian embargo on imported Western food. EURACTIV Sebia reports.
Economy & Jobs 21-08-2014

Switzerland rejects requests from EU firms to bypass Russia’s food ban

Switzerland has rebuffed attempts by some EU food producers to sidestep a Russian ban on food imports from the EU and other Western countries by labelling such foods as originating from the Alpine country, the Wall Street Journal wrote.
People walk past a closed McDonald's restaurant in Moscow, 20 August. REUTERS
Europe's East 21-08-2014

Russia takes aim at US symbol McDonalds

Russia ordered the temporary closure of four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow on Wednesday, a decision it said was over sanitary violations, but which comes against a backdrop of worsening US-Russian ties over Ukraine.
Economy & Jobs 20-08-2014

Commission ‘analyses’ Poland’s complaint over Russian food ban

The European Commission responded cautiously, today, to a Polish request to lodge a formal complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over a Russian ban on EU food products that has hit Poland particularly hard.