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Energy 25-05-2021

UEFA director: ‘It is important for us to show leadership in greening football’

Even with its unique pan-European nature and reductions in fan travel due to the pandemic, Euro 2020 would have been the most environmentally conscious Euro tournament yet, says Michele Uva. And Euro 2024 in Germany will be “the most sustainable tournament ever,” he assures.
Health 15-12-2020

Everyone should respect the environment, says PSG keeper Criscione

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV France, Arianna Criscione, goalkeeper and women's sponsorship manager at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), talks about her green commitments.
Health 24-03-2020

Ewald Lienen: Football is ‘by definition political’

German football veteran Ewald Lienen is convinced that football is political and bears social responsibility. In an interview with EURACTIV Germany, he explains how he combines football with climate protection.
Sports 16-03-2009

ECA: Football clubs need safer balance sheets

While football clubs have not been hit directly by the economic crisis, the time is right to take a closer look at clubs' balance sheets and oblige them to respect a safe ratio between income and cost, argued a representatiive of the European Clubs Association in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 20-08-2008

FIFA: We’ll convince Commission on national quotas

FIFA is determined to convince the European Commission that imposing the controversial '6+5' rule on football teams does not breach EU law and will benefit the sport by restoring some level of national identity to clubs, combating the over-concentration of wealth in top clubs and guaranteeing equal opportunities to compete in the sector, FIFA's chief of international relations told EURACTIV in an interview.
Sports 03-08-2007

2010 Football World Cup ‘an opportunity for Africa’

With the FIFA World Cup due to take place in South Africa in 2010, Europe can use sport as a tool for development and to foster economic activity, argues Jean-Claude Mbvoumin of Culture Foot Solidaire.
Sports 27-07-2006

Clear definitions – a prerequisite for coherent EU sport policy

The up-coming EU white paper on sports should give a clear definition of sport and of its multiple dimensions, clarifying the different EU approaches to professional and amateur sport, says researcher Borja García.
Sports 30-05-2006

Interview with Ann de Mol – Stand up speak up against racism in football

Ann de Mol, a program advisor at the King Baudouin Foundation(KBF), is currently co-ordinating the Europe-wide  Stand up Speak up campaign against racism in football. Also co-ordinator of the Belgian national Stand up Speak up campaign, she explains the origins and aims of this Europe-wide initiative.