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Sports 16-03-2009

ECA: Football clubs need safer balance sheets

While football clubs have not been hit directly by the economic crisis, the time is right to take a closer look at clubs' balance sheets and oblige them to respect a safe ratio between income and cost, argued a representatiive of the European Clubs Association in an interview with EURACTIV.
Sports 20-08-2008

FIFA: We’ll convince Commission on national quotas

FIFA is determined to convince the European Commission that imposing the controversial '6+5' rule on football teams does not breach EU law and will benefit the sport by restoring some level of national identity to clubs, combating the over-concentration of wealth in top clubs and guaranteeing equal opportunities to compete in the sector, FIFA's chief of international relations told EURACTIV in an interview.
Sports 03-08-2007

2010 Football World Cup ‘an opportunity for Africa’

With the FIFA World Cup due to take place in South Africa in 2010, Europe can use sport as a tool for development and to foster economic activity, argues Jean-Claude Mbvoumin of Culture Foot Solidaire.
Sports 27-07-2006

Clear definitions – a prerequisite for coherent EU sport policy

The up-coming EU white paper on sports should give a clear definition of sport and of its multiple dimensions, clarifying the different EU approaches to professional and amateur sport, says researcher Borja García.
Sports 30-05-2006

Interview with Ann de Mol – Stand up speak up against racism in football

Ann de Mol, a program advisor at the King Baudouin Foundation(KBF), is currently co-ordinating the Europe-wide  Stand up Speak up campaign against racism in football. Also co-ordinator of the Belgian national Stand up Speak up campaign, she explains the origins and aims of this Europe-wide initiative.

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