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Freedom of thought 08-08-2018

Football, national identity and belonging in today’s Europe

The euphoria triggered by the FIFA World Cup quickly gave way to divisive, ugly debates about national identity and race, around players of diverse ethnic origins. These controversies highlight the need for measured exchanges on belonging in today’s Europe, writes Michael O'Flaherty.
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Economy & Jobs 23-05-2018

Barrier-free environment for fans at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

With just a few weeks to go before the kick-off in Russia on 14 June, everything is set for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ to be a truly inclusive event for everyone.
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Economy & Jobs 21-03-2018

No room for discrimination at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in Russia

Racism and discrimination affect society as a whole and football is no exception. The position of football’s world governing body, FIFA, on the issue is unequivocal: there is no place for racism or for any other form of discrimination in football.
Sports 10-06-2015

How to fix FIFA

Anne Brasseur spells out exactly what Sepp Blatter or his successor must do to “lance the boil” and clean up football’s world governing body.
Ukraine 02-07-2012

Euro 2012: Five lessons learned in Ukraine

The Euro 2012 became a genuine festival of people-to-people contacts and cultural exchange in a wider United Europe by taking place in "undiscovered territory" - Ukraine, Kostiantyn Yelisieiev say in an op-ed first published in The Guardian.
Sports 02-06-2006

Football banning orders, proportionality and public order policing

An article entitled Football Banning Orders, Proportionality, and Public Order Policing published in the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice's July 2006 issue questions the extent to which the control of football 'hooliganism' is simply a matter of controlling 'hooligans'.
Sports 02-11-2005

Study: Crowd dynamics, policing and ‘hooliganism’ at Euro 2004

A research project by the Economic and Social Research Council supports the 'low profile' policing approach adopted by the Portuguese authorities during the Euro 2004 football championships.
Sports 20-05-2005

Comment on a proposed social dialogue solution for football within the EU

Football in the EU suffers from too many levels of legal regulation, argues a research fellow from the Asser International Sports Law Centre. His view is that a social dialogue bringing together clubs and players throughout the EU is one solution.
Sports 03-02-2005

Comment on Simutenkov v Spanish football federation case

Based on a provision in the EU-Russia partnership agreement, rights of free movement enjoyed by EU nationals can also be relied on by non-EU nationals, explains law professor Dr Richard Parrish.
Sports 22-10-2004

The People’s Game? Football, Finance and Society

This book, entitled 'The People’s Game? Football, Finance and Society' (2003, Palgrave), provides a wide-ranging study of some of the concerns currently at the heart of debates about the governance and structure of club football in Europe. The author, Stephen Morrow, is a chartered accountant and a member of the Institute for Sports Research at Stirling University.