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  • Brussels to investigate Barça, Real over illegal state aid

    Sports 17-12-2013

    The European Commission will begin disciplinary action against seven Spanish clubs including Real Madrid and Barcelona over possible illegal state aid, Spanish foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo said on Monday (16 December).

  • Anti-slavery group calls for boycott of 2022 Qatar World Cup

    Development Policy 23-08-2013

    EXCLUSIVE / A call has gone out for the international community to shun the 2022 World Cup in Qatar unless it reforms its indentured labour practices on the Unesco International Day for Remembrance of the Slave Trade (23 August).

  • Parliament mulls EU laws to fight organised crime in sport

    Sports 18-09-2012

    Plans for an EU-wide legal approach to match-fixing and money laundering in sport are under way, with the European Parliament committee on mafia and organised crime holding a debate on the issue yesterday (17 September).

  • Ukraine rejects accusation of racism in stadiums

    Sports 06-06-2012

    A Ukrainian diplomat yesterday (5 June) slammed a BBC documentary depicting the presence of racism and hatred at stadiums in his country. The documentary was released just days before Friday's start of the Euro 2012 football cup, which Ukraine is co-hosting with Poland.

  • Re-elected Platini pledges to control football spending

    Sports 24-03-2011

    UEFA President Michel Platini this week (22 March) pledged to continue his efforts to keep a lid on club spending and combat match-fixing and crowd violence following his re-election as president of European football’s governing body. 

  • Commission mulls cap on football transfer fees

    Sports 23-02-2011

    EU Sport Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou has described as "incredible" some of the recent multimillion euro transfer fees paid for professional football players. In an interview with EURACTIV, she announced that the European Commission will look into the possibility of taking action, including capping fees.

  • Russia scoops Europe’s 2018 World Cup

    Sports 03-12-2010

    FIFA awarded the 2018 World Cup finals to Russia yesterday (2 December), shattering the hopes of a bemused England and rejecting joint bids from Spain/Portugal and Belgium/The Netherlands.

  • Tripartite Bosnian representation exasperates FIFA and UEFA

    Sports 19-07-2010

    Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) could be excluded from playing international football. In football as in politics, the country is represented by its three ethnic entities, but international football bodies FIFA and UEFA have warned that the relationship is unmanageable.

  • World Cup victory ‘may offset recession in Spain’

    Sports 12-07-2010

    While the International Monetary Fund has predicted a 0.4% decrease in the Spanish economy this year, economists note that the euphoria generated by Spain winning the FIFA World Cup for the first time ever yesterday (11 July) may boost growth by up to 0.7%.

  • Euro 2012 cup could spur Ukraine’s EU application

    Europe's East 21-05-2010

    The successful preparation of Euro 2012 will be a moral application for Ukrainian EU membership, the country'se deputy foreign affairs minister, Konstantin Yelisieiev, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Football clubs to be compensated for losing young players

    Sports 17-03-2010

    European football clubs who train young players only to see them sign their first professional contract with another EU team can now claim compensation for the loss, European judges ruled yesterday (16 March).

  • Poland, Ukraine given thumbs-up for Euro 2012 progress

    Sports 09-02-2010

    Poland and Ukraine still have minor problems to solve but are otherwise making good progress as they prepare to host Euro 2012, UEFA President Michel Platini said last weekend.

  • Can football fever beat malaria in Africa?

    Sports 17-11-2009

    The 'United Against Malaria' campaign hopes to use the excitement of preparations for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to help the continent win the fight against malaria, a preventable disease which kills a child every 30 seconds and nearly one million people per year.

  • Football World Cup offers homeless second chance in life

    Sports 11-09-2009

    The Homeless World Cup 2009, an international street soccer event for homeless people around the globe, is underway in the city of Milan, providing players from 48 nations with a unique chance to change their lives. 

  • Ukraine’s Euro 2012 organisation in doubt

    Sports 30-07-2009

    Due to the ongoing economic crisis, Ukraine is having difficulty financing the infrastructure needed to co-host Euro 2012 with Poland. According to UEFA's alternative plan, some matches may take place in the German cities of Berlin and Leipzig instead.

  • Football clubs need to better balance income and costs

    Sports 16-03-2009

    While football clubs have not been hit directly by the economic crisis, the time is right to take a closer look at clubs' balance sheets and oblige them to respect a safe ratio between income and cost, argued a representatiive of the European Clubs Association (ECA) in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • FIFA president defends ‘6+5 rule’ in Parliament

    Sports 07-10-2008

    Sepp Blatter, the head of the world football governing body FIFA, yesterday (6 October) defended a proposed rule according to which no more than five foreign players per team would be allowed to start a match.

  • UEFA urged to punish clubs, fans on racist behaviour

    Sports 15-09-2008

    Pressure is building on European football authorities to step up the fight against racism as the chair of the sports intergroup in the European Parliament called on UEFA to impose punishments on clubs, players and fans involved in racist acts.

  • Interview: FIFA to convince Commission on national quotas

    Sports 20-08-2008

    FIFA is determined to convince the European Commission that imposing the controversial '6+5' rule on football teams does not breach EU law and will benefit the sport by restoring some level of national identity to clubs, combating the over-concentration of wealth in top clubs and guaranteeing equal opportunities to compete in the sector, FIFA's chief of international relations told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Footballers, clubs get EU forum to tackle labour rows

    Sports 02-07-2008

    A new European social dialogue committee on professional football was launched by the Commission this morning to support employer-player dialogue and help shape employment relations.

  • Euro cup kicks off amid EU-FIFA dispute

    Sports 06-06-2008

    Just before Euro 2008 kicks off tomorrow (7 June), the European Parliament's President Hans-Gert Pöttering met with FIFA and UEFA presidents Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini in a failed attempt to convince the world football governing body not to introduce national quotas on players - a move judged contrary to Community law.

  • Football fans given ethical advice on Euro 2008

    Sports 03-06-2008

    Sweden's football team was identified as 'ethically' the best to support during the upcoming Euro 2008 tournament, according to a ranking that takes into account each country's carbon emissions, military spending and corruption levels.

  • FIFA shown EU ‘red card’ over player quotas

    Sports 29-05-2008

    EU member states will face infringement procedures if their national football leagues apply FIFA's nationality-based quota on players, with the Commission saying it violates the principles of non-discrimination and freedom of movement of workers.

  • Commission to boost football fans’ consumer rights

    Sports 20-05-2008

    A joint EU-UEFA information campaign and helpline is hoped to help the some 5 million football fans travelling to EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland this summer to enforce their rights regarding air line delays, mobile phone roaming charges, health insurance, car hire or fake tickets.

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