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Med & South 20-01-2016

Will the European Parliament defend Kosovo’s democracy?

Kosovo has illegally arrested one third of the parliamentary opposition. On Thursday (21 January) the European Parliament will discuss a draft resolution on Kosovo, which does not even mention the arrests, writes Andrea Lorenzo Capussela. 
Med & South 15-12-2015

The loud silence about Kosovo

Kosovo has illegally arrested its main opposition leader. The European Parliament can, and should, take a strong stance in defence of democracy in Kosovo, argues Andrea Lorenzo Capussela. 
Global Europe 16-04-2010

Obama’s first year: A Transformational Presidency?

"2010 will be decisive in terms of whether Obama keeps his promise of change," writes Marcin Zaborowski, senior research fellow at the Centre for International Studies, in an April paper.
Med & South 01-12-2009

To-do list for Catherine Ashton: EU-Russia relations

"It seems that the strategic interests of most EU countries versus Russia are actually similar," write Adam Balcer, Adam Jasser and Pawe? ?wieboda of the Polish foundation 'Demos EUROPA' in a November paper analysing the task facing new EU High Representative Catherine Ashton in winning the confidence of Europe's citizens.
Languages & Culture 13-07-2009

Nuclear weapons are anti-Islamic

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, has said on several occasions that "the production, stockpiling, and use of nuclear weapons are forbidden under Islam," observes European Policy Centre (EPC) founding chair Stanley Crossick in a recent post on Blogactiv.
Trade & Society 18-05-2009

EU-China High Level Economic & Trade Dialogue love-in

"It is not possible […] to take an optimistic view of the trade relationship" between the EU and China, writes European Policy Centre founder Stanley Crossick in a May blog post reflecting on the High-Level Economic & Trade Dialogue (HED), which took place in Brussels on 7-8 May.
Med & South 11-05-2009

The European Union and its Neighbourhood: Time for a Rethink

The EU's new foreign policy initiative, the Eastern Partnership (EaP), was written in "ambitious terms", but must show greater sensitivity to the intricacies of its target region, argues Helen Wallace of the London School of Economics (LSE) in a paper for the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).
Global Europe 16-04-2009

Obama’s Afghanistan: A bridge too far for Europeans?

"Afghanistan reveals Europe's incapacity to formulate coherent collective security strategies and dedicate the resources required to implement them," writes Fabrice Pothier, director of Carnegie Europe, in an April paper.
Global Europe 16-03-2009

Rethinking EU-Belarus relations

2009 "offers unique opportunities for a common EU foreign policy towards [Belarus], which faces financial and economic hardship," argues Patrick Gilroy of the University of Düsseldorf in a March paper.
EU Priorities 2020 16-12-2008

Rewiring the US-EU relationship

The election of Barack Obama as US president will "seriously narrow the policy differences" between Europe and the US, write Daniel Korski, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), et al. in a December paper.
Global Europe 27-11-2008

Why China sees the EU as a counterweight to America

"China sees the European Union as a possible balance to the United States," argues Dingli Shen, deputy director and professor from the Centre of American Studies in Fudan University, in the autumn edition of Europe's World.
Global Europe 14-11-2008

Transatlantic relations and the ‘Obama effect’

"Europe got the [US] president it wanted on 4th November," writes Tomas Valasek, director of foreign policy and defence at the Centre for European Reform (CER), in a November commentary.
Global Europe 25-08-2008

What the war in Georgia means for EU policy

The war in Georgia divided the EU instead of uniting it, while differences between its members' positions will thwart the bloc's attempts to develop a common Russia policy, writes Tomas Valasek in an August paper for the Centre for European Reform (CER).
Global Europe 20-08-2008

Georgia conflict: Russia asserts itself

Russia's invasion of Georgia has shown the world that the US, the EU and NATO are all "paper tigers" in that region, writes former US ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro William D. Montgomery for Belgrade media service B92.
Global Europe 15-05-2008

Strategic dialogue with Russia needed

Despite the recent past being a "miserable time for political relations between Russia and both the EU and the US," the prospect of new leadership is expected to "transform the current state of affairs," writes Michael Emerson of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in a May 2008 paper.
Global Europe 03-12-2007

Redefining EU-Africa relations

The 2007 Joint EU-Africa Strategy has opened a "new chapter" in their relations "which now needs to be written", write John Kotsopoulos and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos for the European Policy Centre (EPC), ahead of the summit between the two continents on 8-9 December.