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Elections 20-05-2021

Germany’s Laschet to follow Merkel’s footsteps on Russia, China

The leader of Germany's Christian Democrats (CDU) Armin Laschet, who hopes to succeed Angela Merkel as Chancellor, is largely expected to keep his predecessor's diplomatic line, with little nuance on foreign and security policy. 
Non-discrimination 23-11-2020

France’s ‘feminist diplomacy’: lots of talk, little action

The term 'feminist diplomacy' used by France since 2018 remains unclear, according to a report by the country's High Council on Gender Equality presented to the government on 18 November. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 29-06-2020

‘Sovereignty and solidarity’: Germany’s plans for the EU’s foreign policy

Solidarity and sovereignty is the name of the game for the German presidency, according to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). In a speech on Monday, he emphasised the need for greater EU independence from the current geopolitical power struggle between the US and China.
Global Europe 19-05-2020

Germans more estranged from the US due to COVID-19, new poll finds

Negative feelings towards the United States in Germany are growing quickly in the pandemic era, according to a new poll, which also indicated a shift in public opinion towards Beijing.

Germany pledges to raise military spending, play more active role in NATO

Germany has pledged to play a more active role in NATO with Chancellor Angela Merkel promising to raise military spending to 2% of the country’s GDP by the beginning of the 2030s. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the EC, speaks during a visit to Iraq, 22 Dec. 2014
Global Europe 22-08-2016

New geopolitical crises demand a more dynamic EU neighbourhood policy

As divisions in Europe are hardening under the pressure of the biggest flow of refugees since WWII, experts are making the case to adjust the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), so that it’s ready to adapt and make the bloc resilient to rapid geopolitical changes.
The German national football team is welcomed home by fans in Berlin. 2014 [Markus Winkler]
Global Europe 13-11-2014

Germany bumped up to ‘best nation’, exceeding US in global ranking

First world champion in football, now best image: in a global comparison, Germany was bumped to best nation status – not least because of its top performance in sports – while Russia suffered the largest demotion. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 04-10-2013

Top foreign policy official defends EU response to Arab Spring

Despite lacking a power broker capability, Europe should be proud of its diplomatic achievements in response to the Arab Spring, European External Action Service Secretary General Pierre Vimont told EURACTIV in an interview.
Global Europe 24-12-2010

Ahmadinejad visit shows Turkey’s diplomatic emancipation

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joined regional leaders for an economic summit in Turkey yesterday (23 December), a month before nuclear talks with six major powers in Istanbul.
Europe's East 01-07-2010

Füle warns of divergence with Ukraine, Turkey

The European Union should not narrow the scope of its foreign policy cooperation with Turkey and Ukraine at a time when those countries have shown a will to conduct foreign policies that are not necessarily in line with those of the EU, Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Štefan Füle told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
EU Priorities 2020 12-01-2010

Ashton eases through Parliament hearing

Catherine Ashton, the EU's new foreign affairs chief, sailed through a hearing in the European Parliament yesterday (11 January), clearing the way for her confirmation when the new European Commission is voted upon later this month.
Central Europe 09-09-2009

Poland blocks Finnish politician from EU top job

Poland has refused to support former Finish Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen's candidacy as EU foreign policy chief, on the grounds that he works for Gazprom on the Nord Stream pipeline project. EURACTIV Poland reports.
EU Priorities 2020 18-06-2008

EU leaders sink deeper into contradiction

In the confusion following the failed Lisbon Treaty referendum in Ireland, EU leaders are still issuing contradictory messages, adding to the chaotic situation. In the meantime the Slovenian Presidency confirmed that no major decision on how to address the crisis is to be expected from the imminent EU summit on June 19-20.
Med & South 03-10-2006

Russia-Georgia row escalates

Russia has suspended transport and postal links with Georgia after a spying row. EU presidency urges both parties to avoid provocations.  
Security 08-03-2006

Solana: “The world is not standing still”

With or without the Constitution the EU urgently needs to think about streamlining itself, says EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in a interview with EURACTIV.sk
Future EU 22-05-2003

Convention Praesidium proposes articles on enhanced cooperation

The Convention's Praesidium has proposed draft articles of the Constitution on enhanced cooperation which aim to simplify the current provisions and reinforce the role of the Commission and the European Parliament.
Future EU 19-05-2003

Convention agrees on creating a post of EU Foreign Minister

The proposal to create a new post of the EU Foreign Minister was widely accepted by the members of the European Convention at its last two-day meeting on 15 and 16 May. However, the Convention remains deeply split on the proposal to create a post of a permanent EU President.
Future EU 16-05-2003

Convention split on fundamental issues of EU reform

The European Convention has started debating the most divisive issues of the enlarged Union's institutional reform on 15 May. The Convention remains deeply split on the proposal to replace the rotating presidency with a permanent president, with smaller countries insisting that the six-month presidency is essential to ensure the equality of all Member States.
Future EU 15-05-2003

MEPs in favour of extending the Convention until July

The European Parliament Delegation to the Convention has proposed that the Convention should extend its work into July instead of finishing on 20 June as requested by the European Council.
Future EU 13-05-2003

Joschka Fischer in favour of independent EU Foreign Minister

The German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer has called for the creation of a post of an independent EU Foreign Minister.
Future EU 13-05-2003

Convention to discuss EU’s institutional reform

The European Convention is meeting on 15 and 16 May to discuss the working method for the last month of its work and the controversial proposals for a new institutional architecture of the EU.
Future EU 08-05-2003

Prodi takes up Giscard’s challenge to public debate on EU presidency

The Commission President Romano Prodi has accepted a challenge by the the Convention Chairman Valéry Giscard d'Estaing to debate in public the future of the EU.
Future EU 07-05-2003

Benelux countries insist on rotating EU Presidency

In a joint position on EU institutional reform, the three Benelux countries have called for the maintaining of the rotating EU Presidency. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have also proposed a two-tier Commission, consisting of 15 fully-fledged Commissioners and several assistant Commissioners without voting rights.
Future EU 02-05-2003

Commission insists on one Commissioner per Member State

The Commission has reiterated its opposition to proposals by the Convention Praesidium to create a full-time EU President and insisted that there should be one Commissioner per Member State.