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€208m forests initiative launched at UN climate talks in Warsaw

A new $280m (€208m) initiative to help save the world's remaining forests was launched by the UK, the US and Norway at the United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw on Wednesday.

Out of the woods? Rural Europe (re)turns to forests as main energy source

Wood is already the most widely-used source of renewable energy in Europe, but the European Commission is looking at additional measures to help rural regions seize their potential for power from biomass.

EU targets action on forests

The European Commission yesterday (1 March) launched an EU-wide consultation to quiz stakeholders on whether the 27-country bloc should act to protect European forests and enhance their resistance to climate change.

Forests ‘forgotten’ in EU climate policy, MEPs warn

Deforestation is widely considered to be a key driver of global warming since tropical and other forests absorb CO2, thus mitigating the effects of emissions on the climate. But EU policymakers are struggling to define rules to keep trees standing.
Med & South 22-07-2008

EU fuelling illegal logging trade, says report

Almost a fifth of the wood imported into the EU stems from illegal logging, compounding deforestation and climate change, according to a report published on 22 July by environmental group WWF.
Climate change 11-04-2008

Ministers to discuss role of forests in energy scramble

Responding to climate change and energy concerns while conserving forests and biodiversity will be among the topics of discussion during an informal meeting of environment ministers this weekend in Slovenia.
Climate change 26-03-2008

EU moves to combat illegal logging

The Commission will propose new measures to tackle illegal logging in May amid fears that the current EU legislation is not effective enough, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas announced last week.
Climate change 07-12-2007

Climate change and deforestation ‘a vicious cycle’, says WWF

Climate change and deforestation of the Amazon forest reinforce each other as global warming leads to forests being damaged by drought, reducing their capacity to absorb greenhouse gases and releasing billions of tons of extra C02 to the atmosphere, warns a WWF report.

EU states failing on forest protection says WWF

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) has criticised member states over their efforts to curb illegal logging. Only Austria and the UK are praised for implementing an action plan agreed at EU level in 2003.

Forest sector and NGOs warn over unchecked biofuels growth

Increasing demands are being placed on forests worldwide as competition between traditional wood-use sectors and bio-energy heats up, NGOs and industry warn.

Forest sector seeks inclusion in emissions trading

Forestry could be included in emissions trading from 2013, experts believe. According to the Stern Report, the sector holds great potential since deforestation contributes more to global warming than transport.

Call for more EU co-ordination on forest policy

There is no need for a common EU forestry policy, stakeholders have agreed at a conference in the European Parliament. However, more co-ordination between European and national levels is needed.