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Official: EU taking first steps to bring forestry into carbon market

The first step to bring forestry under the EU’s emissions trading scheme is to ensure that every tonne of carbon dioxide in the forest is counted so that a certification system for carbon removals can be put in place, Artur Runge-Metzger told EURACTIV.
Agrifood 28-01-2019

Finnish agronomist: ‘We need climate-smart agriculture’

A lower carbon balance can be achieved by sequestering CO2 through plant growth, a notion that has a major influence on how Finland manages its forests and croplands, says Liisa Pietola. EURACTIV Germany spoke to the Finnish agronomist in an interview.
Agrifood 31-01-2018

Forest owners boss: ‘Sustainable forest management crucial to maintaining carbon cycle ‘

Sustainable forest management is vital to ensure that Europe meets its climate and energy goals. But over-regulating forest bioenergy would damage the sector’s economic performance and undermine its potential for climate change mitigation, Emma Berglund told EURACTIV in an interview.
Agrifood 07-03-2014

Patrick Worms on food challenge: ‘We’re going to need everything’

Policymakers are going to need to take advantage of the full range of possibilities if they are going to meet the food security challenge. But encouraging people to domesticate local plant varieties is both simple and cost-effective, argues agroforestry expert Patrick Worms.

MEP: Forests’ share of CAP should be increased

The share of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) expenditure earmarked for forest protection should be increased but only if forest owners conform to biodiversity and other environmental policies, says Greek Socialist MEP Kriton Arsenis in an interview with EURACTIV.
Climate change 16-02-2009

MEP: EU needs new mindset to end deforestation

EU needs to earmark part of the revenue from emissions trading to boost its policy on tackling deforestation, which is currently insufficient, Hungarian centre-right MEP Péter Olajos told EURACTIV in an interview.