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Energy 25-05-2022

Energy tops Scholz’s agenda in Senegal and South Africa

Energy was at the top of the agenda during German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s first trip to Africa. Scholz aims to facilitate fossil gas imports from Senegal, South Africa’s coal phase out and promised to support the development of their hydrogen economies.
Energy 24-05-2022

Fearing Russian supply cuts, Berlin puts oil and coal power plants on standby

The German ministry for economy and climate action is ensuring that significant coal and oil power plant capacities are at the ready in case the country's Russian gas supply is cut, according to a government plan seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 28-04-2022

Germany’s Habeck: ‘We have to try the unrealistic’ to break free from Russian gas

As Russia’s war on Ukraine enters its third month, Germany’s vice-chancellor Robert Habeck called for unprecedented measures to decrease the country's reliance on Russian gas and counter the Kremlin's energy blackmail.

Berlin woos key gas supplier Norway

Germany’s economy and climate minister Robert Habeck is travelling to Oslo on Wednesday (16 March) to cement the country’s energy partnership with Norway and maximise gas supplies to the continent, including the potential of "blue" hydrogen made from fossil fuels.
Energy 08-03-2022

How Europe can reduce its dependence on fossil gas

Europe needs to break free of its dependence on Russian gas to lower its emissions and break away from the Kremlin, but it should focus on deploying renewables, rather than liquified natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen, writes Marta Lovisolo.
Energy 25-02-2022

Spain calls for ‘structural solutions’ as energy prices soar on back of Ukraine war

Europe needs to drastically reform its energy market to tackle the ongoing price crunch, Spain told the European Commission in a letter sent on Wednesday (23 February), just before the conflict in Ukraine caused energy prices to spike.
Energy 18-02-2022

LEAK: Energy prices will ‘remain high and volatile until at least 2023’, EU Commission says

Gas and electricity prices will “remain high and volatile until at least 2023” according to long term forecasts quoted in a draft of the European Commission’s communication on energy prices due to be published next month.
Energy 10-02-2022

New Polish gas plants will cost taxpayers billions, derail green transition: study

Poland’s plans to build five new gas power plants will cost more than investments into renewables and undermine efforts to reach net zero emissions, according to the think tank Carbon Tracker.
Energy 08-02-2022

Lawmakers call for tough EU measures to tackle methane leaks from gas imports

The European Commission’s proposed regulation to slash methane emissions should be stricter on imported fossil fuels and tackle greenhouse gas emissions beyond Europe, according to the lawmakers who are drafting the Parliament’s stance on the proposal.

Investors warn ‘green’ label for gas undermines EU taxonomy

Investor groups have criticised the European Commission’s plan to label fossil gas projects as “green” under the EU sustainable finance taxonomy, saying it undermines the investment guide's purpose of promoting climate-friendly activities.
Energy 02-02-2022

German industry scores gas win in EU taxonomy

The European Commission has presented its second delegated act for the EU’s sustainable finance rules and under certain conditions, nuclear power and gas will be labelled “green”, making German industry happy.
Energy 02-02-2022

Berlin looks for alternatives as German gas storage hits record lows

Germany has begun searching for alternative gas suppliers in the event that imports from Russia are interrupted due to tensions in Ukraine.
Energy 28-01-2022

EU, US pledge cooperation on energy security amid Russia threat

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and US President Joe Biden pledged on Friday (28 January) to cooperate on guaranteeing Europe’s and Ukraine’s energy security amid a standoff triggered by Russia amassing troops at Ukraine's border.

EU green label for gas ‘not necessary’, says Germany’s Habeck

In a visit to Brussels on Tuesday (25 January), the German Vice-Chancellor reiterated his opposition to nuclear's inclusion in the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy, saying “we don’t need” a green investment label for atomic power – and nor for gas either.

Labelling unabated gas as ‘green’ risks diverting finance from essential renewables

By encouraging investment in ‘transitional’ gas infrastructure, we risk losing sight of the critical priority: channelling finance toward a massive build-out of renewable power generation, writes Faustine Delasalle.

Germany takes firm pro-gas stance in green taxonomy feedback to EU

In its feedback to Brussels over the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy, Berlin reiterated its opposition to nuclear power while calling on the European Commission to ease restrictions on fossil gas in the transition to a low-carbon energy system.

Fury in Parliament as EU green taxonomy deadline expires

EU lawmakers from across the political spectrum are furious about the European Commission’s refusal to adequately consult them on a draft proposal to label gas and nuclear as a "transitional" source of energy, parliamentary sources have told EURACTIV.

Investors worth €50 trillion call on EU to exclude gas from green finance taxonomy

Fossil gas should be excluded from Europe’s list of sustainable investments, according to a group of climate investors with €50 trillion worth of assets. The group added it was still considering whether to consider nuclear as a sustainable investment.
Energy 20-12-2021

German government row over Nord Stream 2

The honeymoon period of the new German “traffic light” government may officially be over: vice chancellor Robert Habeck has threatened to block the contentious Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as part of sanctions against Russia, revealing tensions within the coalition over the project.
Energy 15-12-2021

EU paves way for renewable and low-carbon gases to replace fossil fuel

The European Commission on Wednesday (15 December) unveiled a package of gas legislation that aims to steer Europe away from fossil gas towards more sustainable energy sources, like renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.
Energy 13-12-2021

EU to propose joint gas buying in response to high energy prices – document

The European Commission will propose a voluntary system for EU countries to jointly buy gas to form strategic reserves in response to soaring energy prices, according to a document shared with countries ahead of a summit this week.
Energy 10-12-2021

Gas and nuclear: Fate of EU green taxonomy ‘now in the hands of von der Leyen’

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has taken charge of a soon-to-be-published list of sustainable investments amid controversy around the possible classification of fossil gas and nuclear energy as "green" or "transitional" activities under certain conditions, according to several sources familiar with the process.
Energy 25-11-2021

LEAK: Draft EU law cracks down on methane leaks from fossil fuels

A European Commission proposal to tackle climate-wrecking methane emissions includes a ban on routine flaring and venting as well as penalties for leaking fossil fuel infrastructure but doesn't contain binding emissions reduction targets, according to a draft seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 23-11-2021

Another list of priority gas projects won’t help the EU achieve fossil free energy

Europe's continued support for fossil fuels, like in the 5th projects of common interest (PCI) list, risks damaging the environment, but decision-makers could be about to make the same mistake in negotiations on the rules for supporting cross-border energy infrastructure, argue Frida Kieninger and Esther Bollendorff.