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Macron says deep-sea mining must not go ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday (30 June) a legal framework was needed to stop deep-sea mining from going ahead and urged countries to put their money on science to better understand and protect the world's oceans.
Climate change 30-06-2022

France unlikely to go ‘all the way’ on its climate ambitions, experts say

The French government is unlikely to follow through on its climate ambitions, the country's High Council on Climate (HCC) said on Thursday (30 June) in a report containing recommendations for the executive.
Future EU 29-06-2022

Metsola: EU ‘let itself be surprised’ by war in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine revealed Europe's complacency and a "new paradigm" is needed, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said at the Jacques Delors Institute's annual conference on Tuesday (28 June).
Media 29-06-2022

Ukraine war limited Moscow’s ability to interfere in French election, report says

The Russian invasion of Ukraine redeployed the Kremlin's foreign interference capabilities, saw the ban on RT and Sputnik in the EU, and weakened attempts to influence the French presidential election.
Media 28-06-2022

French public broadcasting sector on strike, uncertain about its future

French public television and radio groups went on strike on Tuesday (June 28) against the planned abolition of the broadcasting licence fee paid by French households, which the service says ensures the proper functioning and independence of their newsrooms.
Energy 28-06-2022

EU ministers back 40% renewable energy target for 2030

EU ministers provisionally agreed on Monday (27 June) to ensure the share of renewables in the bloc's energy mix reaches 40% by 2030 – despite the fact that the objective is now rendered outdated by new proposals tabled since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

France needs ‘at least €2.3 billion’ extra per year for climate adaptation

France will have to spend "at least" €2.3 billion more per year to adapt infrastructures to climate change, a recent report published by the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) think tank reads.
Technology 23-06-2022

After Macron lost parliamentary majority, France’s tech policy could turn protectionist

Under Emmanuel Macron, France has become a digital leader. After the parliamentary vote in which he lost the majority in the national assembly, expect digital nationalism to dominate, write Daniel Hayes, Charles Martinet, and Gabriel Delsol.

Germany pushes to tie together enlargement and EU reform

While German Chancellor Scholz has demonstrated support for EU accession processes, he stressed on Wednesday (22 June) that enlargement must be tied to institutional reform of the EU.
Technology 22-06-2022

EU task force calls for digital commons foundation launch

There should be a new European foundation in charge of developing so-called "digital commons" across the bloc, said an EU task force asked to reflect on how to harness this tool for greater digital sovereignty.
Elections 22-06-2022

Macron’s high-stakes diplomatic marathon

Faced with a political and institutional crisis at home, French President Emmanuel Macron who lost control over the National Assembly as his coalition only obtained a relative majority in recent elections, is poised to embark on a series of international meetings.

Oxfam France director: climate protection needs radical solutions

A radical change - particularly in public policy - is needed to address climate change and the social inequalities that come with it, former green minister and current director-general of Oxfam France, Cécile Duflot, told EURACTIV France in an exclusive interview.
Technology 21-06-2022

French competition body accepts Google’s commitments on ‘neighbouring rights’

France's competition watchdog accepts Google's commitments following negotiations with press publishers over neighbouring rights, the body said on Tuesday (21 June), while the US giant said it will not contest the €500 million fine against it.
Biofuels 20-06-2022

Sales of high-blend ethanol surge in France amid rising fuel prices

Record fuel prices seen since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have led cost-conscious motorists to pivot towards alternative fuel sources, with sales of E85 – a mixture of petrol and up to 85% bioethanol – rising significantly in France.
Technology 17-06-2022

French companies line up for piece of the ‘metaverse pie’

The metaverse, expected to shake the virtual world as we know it, has also seduced French companies which are determined to have a spot in the new technology's development but have decided to proceed cautiously.
Elections 17-06-2022

French left is still divided on Europe

The French left, now the strongest opposition facing Emmanuel Macron's presidential majority in this year's legislative elections set for Sunday (19 June), remains divided regarding issues related to the European Union.
Elections 16-06-2022

French elections: parties give mixed messages to supporters ahead of Sunday’s vote

With some candidates not having qualified for France's second round of legislative elections on Sunday (19 June), parties have been giving mixed messages on who to vote for, and no longer calling on voters to vote against the extreme right at all costs.
Global Europe 15-06-2022

Donbas battle will determine course of war: Zelenskyy

Ukraine's battle against Russian troops in Donbas will determine the course of the war, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on 14 June, asking his nation to stay strong in the face of Moscow's devastating attack against two key cities.
Global Europe 14-06-2022

Zelenskyy tells Germany to give Ukraine arms, worry less about Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked Olaf Scholz to show full-throated support for Kyiv, charging the German Chancellor with being too concerned about the repercussions that would have for Berlin's ties with Moscow.
Elections 13-06-2022

French elections: far-right makes gains, suffers from majority voting system

The far-right bloc dominated by Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National, made some gains in the French parliamentary elections on Sunday (12 June) but will struggle to win seats in the second round (19 June) partly due to the voting system. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 13-06-2022

French left-wing bloc wants a ‘transformed’ CAP

France’s new left-wing bloc led by radical-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, which did well in Sunday's poll, wants to push for a transformation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to review the allocation of the €9 billion France receives through it. EURACTIV France reports.
Enlargement 11-06-2022

France hints at halfway decision for Ukraine candidate status

A decision to give Ukraine candidate status to the European Union has to be done without weakening the bloc and to ensure Kyiv is not left in limbo for years, a French presidential official said on Friday (10 June).
Elections 10-06-2022

Mélenchon revives debate over nuclear’s supposed ‘volatility’ ahead of election

Far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon has reiterated his opposition to nuclear ahead of the first round of the legislative elections this weekend, adding that he will maintain his stance if he gets nominated prime minister. EURACTIV France reports.
Data protection 10-06-2022

French data protection watchdog: Tweaking Google Analytics won’t make it legal

Google Analytics' use is not legal without a new deal that would replace the disgraced EU-US data processing agreement, French data watchdog CNIL recently clarified on its website, which also dashed hopes that the tool could be reconfigured to allow data transfers to the US.