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Elections 04-04-2013

The EU’s Rubik’s cube: Who will lead after 2014?

Europe's leaders have a veritable Rubik’s cube of political considerations to solve in 2014 in order to appoint a new EU leadership triumvirate, writes Hugo Brady, giving his take on who are the up-and-comers in a changing European balance of power.
Elections 26-02-2013

Frattini: A Bersani-Berlusconi coalition can give Italy stability

A grand coalition of Bersani-Berlusconi can provide Italy the stability Italy needs, Franco Frattini, a former European commissioner, tells EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Euro & Finance 16-09-2011

Italy ‘ready to give up sovereignty’ to save euro

Ahead of a key eurozone meeting in Poland today (16 September), Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said Rome was ready to relinquish "all the sovereignty necessary to create a genuine European central government" and draw a line under the euro zone's debt crisis.