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Languages & Culture 17-03-2021

New French dictionary reflects rise of African speakers

France has long defended the purity of its language with an official list of permitted words, but the launch of a new online dictionary with state support on Tuesday (16 March) underlines how attitudes have shifted.
EU-Africa 25-02-2020

Francophone group in warning over Guinea election

The international association of French-speaking countries warned on Monday (24 over the credibility of the electoral register in Guinea's upcoming votes.
Agrifood 09-07-2019

Winners and losers in race for the EU’s top jobs

The distribution of the various key positions within the European institutions needs to take into account a delicate balance between geographical and political origin. In this complex exercise, some fared better than others. EURACTIV France reports.
french language 21-03-2018

Macron says too much English spoken in pre-Brexit Brussels

The English language is too dominant in Brussels, especially with Britain soon to exit the European Union, French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday (20 March) as he vowed to fight for a wider use of French in EU institutions and abroad.
Languages & Culture 02-10-2017

Several killed in Cameroon as anglophones declare ‘independent Ambazonia’

Soldiers shot at least eight people dead in Cameroon's restive anglophone belt at the weekend as a separatist group made a symbolic declaration of independence.
Languages & Culture 12-02-2016

Juncker reveals his secret weapon

In his traditionally humorous style, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told an audience in Brussels on Thursday (11 February) about his competitive edge over French and German leaders.
[Olivier Ortelpa/Flickr]
Languages & Culture 14-11-2014

French language’s global gains hide decline in Europe

The French language has gone into decline in Europe over the last 4 years, according to a study published this week by the IOF. But large gains in Sub-Saharan Africa have driven a 7% increase in the world's francophone population.
Languages & Culture 30-11-2011

The Internet: A lifeboat for endangered languages?

Although the English language continues to dominate the Internet, the rise of global economic powerhouses like China and Russia has seen a surge in what used to be considered second-tier languages, a Brussels conference heard last week. Meanwhile, the UN predicts that half of the world's 6,000 languages will become extinct by the end of the century.

Romania threatens to leave Francophony organisation

Angered by the attitude of France, its traditional ally, towards its bid to join Schengen, Romania is considering leaving the OIF, the International Francophony Organisation, a leading Romanian MEP told EURACTIV yesterday (12 January).
Global Europe 02-11-2010

Haiti: Caught between aid slowdown and media battle for influence

On the margins of the Montreux Francophonie summit, the French-speaking world hailed international efforts to help victims of the Haiti earthquake but lamented the slow arrival of the aid. Meanwhile, francophone media on the scene at the time seemed to be crowded out by their omnipresent US counterparts.
Global Europe 28-10-2010

Global governance: Francophonie wants greater role for Africa

The 13th Francophonie summit backed Africa's calls for greater representation in the UN and the G20, as suggested by Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) Secretary-General Abdou Diouf and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Meanwhile, the EU was notable by its absence. EURACTIV reports from Montreux, Switzerland.
Languages & Culture 11-10-2010

Foreign Minister: Bilateral deals to dominate Swiss-EU relations

Bilateral agreements will remain the basis of relations between Switzerland and EU countries, Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey told EURACTIV ahead of hosting the thirteenth international Francophonie summit. 
Global Europe 11-10-2010

Switzerland EU bid ‘not really on the agenda’

Bilateral agreements will remain the basis of relations between Switzerland and EU countries, Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey told EURACTIV ahead of hosting the thirteenth international Francophonie summit. 
Sports 28-09-2009

Francophone Games kick off in Beirut

The sixth Francophone Games, inaugurated yesterday (27 September) in Beirut, bring together some 3,000 delegates from 42 countries to compete in six sports and seven cultural events over the next ten days.
Languages & Culture 21-03-2008

Sarkozy defends ‘offensive’ Francophony concept

Speaking on International Francophony day (20 March), the French President stressed the need to make more frequent use of the French language in international institutions, including the EU.
Languages & Culture 04-10-2006

Francophonie growth brings concern for ‘first circle’

The 11th Francophonie Summit finished with a statement on Lebanon, Ivory Coast and the Darfur crisis and highlighted Francophonie tensions.
Languages & Culture 28-09-2006

Francophonie Summit – ‘French Commonwealth’ heads east

With the 11th Summit of Francophonie being held in Bucharest, Romania states its case for becoming an active voice of the Francophonie within the EU.
EU Priorities 2020 17-01-2003

“Francophonie” opposes monolinguism in the EU

On 15 January, the "Francophonie" executive committee issued a statement against the single use of English in the EU institutions and called on France not to ratify the London protocol on European patents.