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Brexit 25-01-2008

Single Payments Area

In the European single market there are still large differences between the national payment systems. The EU seeks to remove these obstacles and reduce the costs to cross-border payments for consumers by creating a Single Euro(pean) Payments Area (SEPA). The European Payments Council (EPC) was set up to develop a common infrastructure and standards. However, there is only little progress, since banks are reluctant to apply standards and fear competition being opened up to non-banks, which makes it difficult to reach the 2010 target. Therefore, the Commission has laid out a common legal framework in its 2005 proposal.
Euro & Finance 01-12-2005

Finance Fraud

In the wake of new ways to make payments, from cheque books, credit cards and debit cards to online payments and m-commerce, have always come new ways to steal money.  Some would say that the thieves are in fact always one step ahead. This dossier outlines types of fraudulent practices, developing technological solutions and European legislative measures.