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We sanction the internet at our peril: Cutting off Russia will damage the global internet

Russia's attack on Ukraine has overturned norms that have guided European foreign policy for decades and pushed governments to consider previously unthinkable sweeping sanctions. But the breathtaking speed of action may have unintended consequences for our shared, global Internet, write David Frautschy and Constance Bommelaer. 
Broadband 30-05-2017

EU agrees to fund free Wi-Fi for European towns with no internet coverage

European Union legislators agreed yesterday (29 May) to set aside €120 million to provide free wireless internet connections by 2020 to up to 8,000 municipalities in the EU in areas with no internet coverage.
Technology 15-09-2016

Free Wi-Fi in cities? ‘We panicked for five minutes. Then we realised it’s not serious’

Telecoms companies were as surprised as anyone when Jean-Claude Juncker announced Wednesday (14 September) that the European Commission wants every city and village in the EU to have free public Wi-Fi in some places by 2020.
Development Policy 02-09-2016

Failed rocket was carrying Facebook satellite to give Africa the Internet

The space rocket which exploded before take-off yesterday (1 September) was carrying a satellite Facebook intended to use to connect sub-Saharan Africa to the internet.