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Agrifood 21-01-2021

Czech parliament backs food law obliging stores to prioritise local products

The Czech Republic is on its way to introduce a protectionist food law despite warnings that this could be in violation of the EU's free movement of goods. 
Economy & Jobs 13-07-2018

EU should enforce market surveillance to protect single market

The EU needs to take market surveillance more seriously. This is not only about spending more money, but also about creating more coherent and less complex single market legislation, writes Naemi Denz.

Britain will not exclude possible EU oversight of Irish border

Britain will not rule out the possibility of the European Union retaining oversight of customs controls at UK borders after it leaves the bloc, as the country seeks ways to keep unhindered access to EU markets following Brexit.
Agrifood 18-01-2017

Spain lodges complaint after French vandals attack wine lorries

The Spanish embassy in Paris has lodged a complaint with French authorities about a number of attacks made on Spanish lorries transporting wine across their shared border over the last 48 hours. EURACTIV Spain reports.

More services integration needed to reinvigorate Europe

Goods can be traded freely across the EU, but the same cannot, in practice, be said of services. Less restrictions in the sector would yield enormous economic benefits, argue Arup Banerij, Doerte Doemeland and Sanja Madžarević Šujster.
Future EU 19-09-2016

Freedom of movement: Non-negotiable

The Bratislava summit yielded very little in tangible results. As the EU struggles to deal with pressures from all directions, freedom of movement of people, one of the four pillars, has come under scrutiny. Ulrike Guérot asks if the EU is still for people or merely for trade.
Price levels for private consumers in Germany are slightly higher than the EU average. [Thomas Schewe/Flickr]
Health 20-06-2014

German consumers spend less than their EU neighbours

The cost of goods and services for private consumption are slightly higher in Germany than the EU average. But in Germany, consumers live more cheaply than those in most neighbouring states. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 22-07-2009

UK hauliers take EU case against France over blockade

A UK business group will today (22 July) make a formal complaint to the European Commission against the French government for allegedly failing to prevent fishermen from blocking ports in France. The blockades have brought hundreds of small businesses to the brink of bankruptcy and breach the EU treaties, according to the UK-based Federation of Small Businesses.
Trade & Society 22-02-2008

MEPs adopt measures to strengthen internal goods market

Parliament has adopted a package of measures to enhance free trade within the bloc after it emerged that many member states are blocking imports of specific products from other EU countries on the basis that they do not meet particular national technical standards.

Eastward Schengen expansion to have ‘minimal’ impact on France

The extension of the Schengen zone to include the newest EU members from Central and Eastern Europe has not revived fears of a renewed influx of "Polish plumbers" in France, EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 29-11-2007

Free trade within EU to receive fresh boost

The free movement of goods across borders, one of the pillars of European integration, is set to receive a renewed boost after a Parliament committee backed a legislative package to improve the "mutual recognition" of products which are not standardised at EU level.
Trade & Society 10-10-2006

‘Single-market policies are failing’

According to a new study, despite 20 years of policies aimed towards creating a single market, the majority of Europeans continue not only to work but also to shop and invest exclusively in their own country.
Enlargement 12-09-2001

Poland wants to reopen internal market negotiations

Poland is expected to ask the EU to reopen negotiations on the free movement of goods in order to secure longer transition periods for Polish pharmaceutical companies for drug registration procedures. Political analysts see the move as a setback, which could delay Poland's progress in the enlargement process.