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Brexit 19-01-2021

UK rejects pleas to re-open talks on musicians’ visa deal

UK government ministers on Tuesday (19 January), rejected demands that they try to broker a deal with the EU to ensure that visa-free tours by musicians can continue, insisting that “taking back control” of borders should be the UK’s first priority.
Brexit 10-04-2018

Brits abroad: EU citizenship doubled in Brexit vote year

The number of British people becoming citizens of another European Union country more than doubled in 2016, the year the UK voted to leave the bloc, official figures showed Monday.
Brexit 25-04-2017

Labour to guarantee EU citizens’ rights ‘on day one’ after election

Britain's opposition Labour Party will immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the country if it wins a June election, it said today (25 April), setting out a Brexit strategy aimed at dismantling Prime Minister Theresa May's runaway lead.
Brexit 30-03-2017

UK ambassador to Spain: Gibraltar’s cross-border movement a post-Brexit priority

UK Ambassador to Spain Simon Manley told EURACTIV Spain that cross-border free movement for Gibraltar must be a priority in the Brexit negotiations.
Brexit 03-03-2017

Brexit could slam door on star footballers

European football’s top official fears superstar footballers with ongoing court cases, like Messi and Neymar, could be refused access to the UK after Brexit. He even indicated that European matches could be held elsewhere in a worst case scenario.
Brexit 18-01-2017

Europeans ask May: Where is the give for all this take?

European leaders applauded Theresa May for providing clarity by finally outlining her plan for a clean break with the EU, but said she needed to be realistic about the price Britain would pay for leaving.
Brexit 02-01-2017

Swiss favour close EU ties over immigration curbs, poll finds

Swiss voters would rather maintain close economic ties with the European Union than adopt immigration curbs that could jeopardise Switzerland's access to the EU single market, a survey published on Sunday (1 January) showed.
Global Europe 16-12-2016

The Brief: European Parliament, bring out your dead!

When Europe was in the grips of the Black Death, men would pull carts through stricken villages, ringing a bell and crying, “Bring out your dead!”
Brexit 01-12-2016

EU ambassadors claim Boris Johnson privately supports free movement

Britain's pro-Brexit foreign minister, Boris Johnson, has told at least four European Union ambassadors that he personally favours free movement with the bloc, UK media reported yesterday (30 November).
Future EU 02-09-2016

Switzerland dodges clash with EU over immigration

Switzerland skirted a direct clash with the European Union over immigration curbs on Friday (2 September) when a parliamentary panel rejected the government's threat to impose unilateral quotas on foreigners next year in favour of a compromise.
Brexit 22-06-2016

Juncker: I am not a fan of referendums but ‘out is out’

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has admitted he is “basically not a fan of referendums”, and ruled out further EU-UK negotiations, the day before Britons vote on whether to remain in or leave the bloc.
Global Europe 14-03-2016

Hollande: The European left will make no concessions to Turkey

At a meeting of Europe's centre-left leaders on Saturday (12 March), François Hollande called for more effective controls on the EU's external borders in order to protect the freedom of movement within the bloc. EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 24-06-2015

Cameron to serve up renegotiation demands at Council dinner

British Prime Minister David Cameron will present his counterparts with a list of demands for the UK’s European Union membership renegotiation at the European Council dinner on Thursday. EURACTIV France reports
Armenia 20-05-2015

Two tier Eastern Partnership on the table at Riga summit

The EU plans to strengthen relations with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, setting them apart from the other Eastern Partnership countries, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus. EURACTIV France reports
Future EU 30-09-2011

Human Rights Watch slams France on Roma

France continues to target and evict Roma EU citizens, despite assurances from the European Commission last August that the country had successfully complied with European law, according to the non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch.
Future EU 24-06-2011

Bulgaria, Romania monitoring inspires new Schengen rules

EU heads of state and government adopted a political decision to reform the Schengen passport-free travel area at the conclusion of a two-day summit in Brussels today (24 June). The new rules were compared by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to the tough scrutiny imposed on Romania and Bulgaria after their EU accession.
Global Europe 09-05-2011

Lead MEP underlines social angle of EU-India trade deal

The Free Trade Agreement currently being negotiated between India and the EU must be accompanied by a clear commitment to respect international social and environmental standards, said Graham Watson MEP, head of the European Parliament's delegation for EU-India relations, which has a say on trade deals.

Eastward Schengen expansion to have ‘minimal’ impact on France

The extension of the Schengen zone to include the newest EU members from Central and Eastern Europe has not revived fears of a renewed influx of "Polish plumbers" in France, EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 29-11-2007

Free trade within EU to receive fresh boost

The free movement of goods across borders, one of the pillars of European integration, is set to receive a renewed boost after a Parliament committee backed a legislative package to improve the "mutual recognition" of products which are not standardised at EU level.
Economy & Jobs 23-10-2007

ECJ brightens financial perspectives for students abroad

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on 23 October that German law is violating the principle of freedom of movement for EU citizens by providing student grants only to those who have completed an initial course of study in their home country. 
Competition 13-10-2006

Commission says notaries must open up to foreigners

Member states must abolish nationality requirements for notaries offering legal services in their country, the Commission has decided. This should allow more choice and better prices for citizens.