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#Media4EU 28-04-2017

NGO: Freedom of the press at lowest point in 13 years

With populism and authoritarianism on the rise in many countries, global press freedom has taken a blow. In fact, it is at its lowest point in 13 years, according to a US-funded research and advocacy organisation.
Press Freedom
Public Affairs 02-05-2014

Press freedom index reveals a divided Europe

As the United Nations marks World Press Freedom Day, a watchdog's annual report exposed yesterday (1 May), a divided European Union; with four member states categorised as just “partly free”, and six others among the ten countries with the highest degree of press freedom worldwide.
Central Europe 03-05-2013

Press freedom index marked by downgrades for Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria

As the United Nations marks World Press Freedom Day, a watchdog organisation has published its annual report today (3 May) showing that three EU countries - Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria - saw a dramatic decline in press freedom.
Development Policy 21-02-2013

Sub-Saharan Africa ‘freedom and democracy’ rankings inch up

Sub-Saharan African countries have seen major advances in freedom and democracy, according to the report “Freedom in the world 2013” presented in the European Parliament yesterday (20 February).