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Digital & Media 03-05-2021

In Serbia, fake news is spread by state-backed media

Two recent reports focusing on democracy and media freedom by the international NGOs Reporters Without Borders and Freedom House went almost unnoticed in Belgrade. On World Press Freedom Day (3 May), EURACTIV Bulgaria looked at their Serbian neighbour, an EU candidate since 2012.
#Media4EU 28-04-2017

NGO: Freedom of the press at lowest point in 13 years

With populism and authoritarianism on the rise in many countries, global press freedom has taken a blow. In fact, it is at its lowest point in 13 years, according to a US-funded research and advocacy organisation.
Press Freedom
Public Affairs 02-05-2014

Press freedom index reveals a divided Europe

As the United Nations marks World Press Freedom Day, a watchdog's annual report exposed yesterday (1 May), a divided European Union; with four member states categorised as just “partly free”, and six others among the ten countries with the highest degree of press freedom worldwide.
Central Europe 03-05-2013

Press freedom index marked by downgrades for Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria

As the United Nations marks World Press Freedom Day, a watchdog organisation has published its annual report today (3 May) showing that three EU countries - Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria - saw a dramatic decline in press freedom.
Development Policy 21-02-2013

Sub-Saharan Africa ‘freedom and democracy’ rankings inch up

Sub-Saharan African countries have seen major advances in freedom and democracy, according to the report “Freedom in the world 2013” presented in the European Parliament yesterday (20 February).