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Freedom of thought 23-05-2018

Freedom of expression in Europe: Who draws the line?

Hate speech laws are spreading in Europe as EU governments and international organisations try to find measures to defuse conflicts.
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Freedom of thought 24-04-2017

The EU needs a Special Representative for freedom of religion or belief

77% of the world’s population – that is 5.5 billion people - are living in countries where the free exercise of religion or belief is severely restricted.
Global Europe 26-05-2015

My husband, Raif Badawi, faces death for blogging

Raif Badawi is the Saudi Arabian blogger imprisoned for ten years and sentenced to 1,000 lashes, after being arrested on charges of insulting Islam on a website.
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Global Europe 20-09-2012

China restricts press access to EU-China Summit

European and Chinese leaders gathered in Brussels on Thursday for the 15th EU-China Summit. No 'big decisions' were expected but the summit aimed to 'consolidate' relations between both powers. The summit created controversy as journalists were left hanging when the usual post-summit press conference was called off. The Chinese authorities wanted to impose restrictions on the number of journalists allowed into the conference. The EU said no.