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  • Host cities profit from labour migration: study

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 12-02-2014

    The European Commission published an independent study yesterday (11 February) saying that labour migration is profitable to the host communities. The study focuses on six European cities, chosen for the multinational composition of their population: Barcelona, Dublin, Hamburg, Lille, Prague and Turin.

  • Commission releases guide on social benefits for EU migrants

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 13-01-2014

    Brussels published on Monday a new guide on social benefits for EU migrants, amid a fierce debate on immigration across Europe.
    The guide aims to clarify the worker's place of residence and therefore, which country is responsible for providing social welfare.
    It comes at a a time when countries like the UK are trying to reduce the social benefits EU migrants can claim. With the European elections in sight, fears of what some already call 'benefit tourism' are spreading across the continent.

  • Germany readies response to ‘poverty immigration’

    News | Central Europe 09-01-2014

    The German government established a new committee yesterday (8 January) to investigate the effects of immigration on the Federal Republic. The resolution came amid rising conflict within the ruling coalition over so-called  "poverty immigration" from Bulgaria and Romania and complaints from overburdened cities. EURACTIV.de reports.

  • What Bulgaria expects for itself and the European Union in 2014

    Opinion | EU Elections 2014 09-01-2014

    As populists gather more and more support in several EU countries, the responsibility of politicians is to limit those trends and establish a truly European debate ahead of the European elections, writes Kristian Vigenin in an exclusive op-ed he contributed to EURACTIV.

  • Open letter by two Bulgarian professionals to David Cameron

    Opinion | Brexit 08-01-2014

    EURACTIV received this open letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron written by two Bulgarian professionals working in Brussels and London and decided to publish it for being timely and for the quality of the argumentation, without any editing.  

  • Cameron to ask Brussels for cap on EU migrants

    News | Brexit 06-01-2014

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday (5 January) that he would consider pushing for a cap on workers from Europe and make cutting immigration a top priority as he seeks to renegotiate Britain's relationship with Brussels.

  • EU tries to calm fears of Bulgarian, Romanian exodus

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 02-01-2014

    The European Union sought to calm fears in countries like Britain, France and Germany that they face a mass influx of Romanians and Bulgarians following the lifting of restrictions yesterday (1 January), a change that risks fuelling anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe.

  • Open letter to David Cameron

    Opinion | Brexit 28-11-2013

    The UK prime minister is amplifying nationalist speculation that the country's labour market is going to be under threat after labour restrictions for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are lifted on 1 January, writes Ivailo Kafin MEP.

  • Brussels hits back at UK’s ‘nasty’ proposal against free movement

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 28-11-2013

    The European Commission hit back yesterday (27 November) against the UK Prime Minister’s announcement of a crackdown on immigration rules, saying that freedom of movement in the EU is “non-negotiable” and castigating David Cameron for “presenting the UK as a nasty country”.

  • Get the picture: Do you identify with today’s Europe?

     Video | Promoted content | EU Elections 2014 20-11-2013

    Freedom of movement and peace. That's what the vast majority of people see as the main benefits of being in the EU.

  • ‘Benefits tourism’ in the EU is a myth, report says

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 17-10-2013

    There is little evidence of "benefits tourism" in Europe, according to a new European Commission study, which contradicts claims by the UK, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands that EU social security systems are under strain from Romanian and Bulgarian migrants.

  • EC on freedom of movement within the EU

     Video | Promoted content | Social Europe & Jobs 26-09-2013

    The European Commission comments on the freedom of movement within the EU after French Interior Minister Manuel Valls called for Roma from Bulgaria and Romania to sent back where they came from.