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Freedom of thought 23-05-2018

Freedom of expression in Europe: Who draws the line?

Hate speech laws are spreading in Europe as EU governments and international organisations try to find measures to defuse conflicts.

Timmermans: ‘Journalists should not be intimidated at doing their jobs’

Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans called on Wednesday (19 July) for an end to the intimidation of journalists who are doing their job and asking critical questions. "I call on everyone to stop already the intimidation of journalists," he said.
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Europe's East 15-10-2013

Ukrainian journalists denounce EU visa scandal

Twenty Ukrainian journalists invited for a 2-day Brussels conference have been issued Schengen visas valid for two days only. Mykhaylo Kukhar spoke to EURACTIV about freedom of travel of the media from their country in the EU.

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