About: Freek Spinnewijn & Marc Uhry

Helping the homeless is not a political choice

Athens this week defied the Commission by enacting new social inclusion measures for the homeless. But denying Greek citizens their fundamental right to housing assistance would be a breach of EU law, argue Freek Spinnewijn and Marc Uhry. 

Building Blocks: What housing can do for Europe

In the interest of jobs and growth, of social justice and financial stability, of all the challenges Europe is faced with, the next European Commission and the European Parliament need to take up the housing issue with ambition and creativity, write Freek Spinnewijn and Marc Uhry.

Criminalising homelessness is anti-democratic and instigates hatred

In the past several years, more and more people have been forced to use desperate means of survival, such as begging, living in slums or going through rubbish bins looking for food or items they can recycle or sell. But now, people who resort to these survival tactics face punishment and arrest, say Freek Spinnewijn and Marc Uhry.