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Transport 11-10-2018

Green Mobility Forum 2018: Reducing CO2 emissions from trucks: can we do it?

Transport accounts for nearly a quarter of the EU’s emissions and, unlike other sectors, greenhouse gases continue to rise. Trucks only make up a small part of vehicles on the roads in Europe: less than 5% of total traffic.
Road safety 14-06-2018

Truck drivers could pay the price for EU compromise on posted workers

Two draft laws which will be voted on during the European Parliament's plenary session on Thursday (14 June) could lead to more job insecurity for lorry drivers. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Transport 03-07-2017

Commission eyes fuel efficiency rules for trucks as road transport looks set to grow

Europe lags behind the major world economies in regulating fuel efficiency standards for the fast-growing truck transport sector and the Commission is moving to address the issue with legislative proposals, a panel on the Future of Road Freight Transport was told on Monday (3 July).
Road charging 19-05-2017

Parliament wants new road toll and labour rules for truck drivers

MEPs have approved a list of demands for an upcoming EU overhaul of road toll and labour rules for truck drivers, and included a fresh call for an EU road agency after some political groups lost their bid for the new body earlier this year.
Transport 02-03-2017

East-West tensions reignite as Poland fights labour rules for truckers

Poland is putting up a fight over an upcoming EU proposal that will affect working conditions for truck drivers who travel between countries with different social welfare laws and minimum wages.

Commission to tighten labour rules for truck drivers in May

Truck drivers and trade unions have formed an alliance to demand the European Commission close loopholes that let underpaid workers from poorer EU countries deliver goods anywhere in the bloc.
Transport 26-09-2016

EU’s decarbonisation plans scrutinised by divided transport industry

EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc has to make good on a few promises she made before the summer break.
Transport 09-03-2016

MEPs back cheaper services in EU ports

MEPs on Tuesday (8 March) backed a proposal to increase efficiency and lower the cost of services provided in European Union ports.
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ERTRAC research roadmap: Next steps for urban freight
Transport 28-09-2015

ERTRAC research roadmap: Next steps for urban freight

Urban freight is responsible for approximately 25 percent of urban transport related CO2 emissions and 30 to 50 percent of other transport related pollutants such as particulate matters (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx).
Transport 11-12-2014

EU truck safety and efficiency law faces delay until 2019

A European Union law agreed late on Wednesday (10 December) to make trucks safer and more aerodynamic, cutting fuel bills, emissions and improving safety, will be delayed by around five years, after the industry pushed for more time to develop new vehicles.
Transport 02-10-2014

Eurostat: intermodal freight at a standstill

EU initiatives to better integrate and improve connectivity between road, rail and waterways have failed to yield any significant results, according to the latest Eurostat data on freight transport.
Transport 18-07-2012

European bicycle lobby set to deliver

More than 30 companies from across Europe have launched a European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF), aimed at improving urban bike deliveries and lobbying for cycle-based delivery policies.
Transport 06-07-2012

EU divided over single liberalised railway system

The European Parliament has moved a step closer towards establishing a single, liberalised European rail network after a round of voting on the proposed competition rules.
Transport 19-02-2009

ICT expected to improve efficiency of freight logistics

Experts gathered at a conference this week showcased existing freight information systems, exploring how individual initiatives currently in place can help the development of an integrated European ICT system across transport modes.
Transport 22-01-2009

EU urged to remove barriers to competitive rail freight

Major obstacles such as powerful state-run companies' tendency to overcharge operators for using infrastructure and the fact that EU 'priority corridor' projects are often built according to short-term national political interests are seriously hampering the development of a competitive European rail freight industry, stakeholders argued at a recent conference on the sector's future.
Transport 15-12-2008

Commission outlines EU-wide rail freight corridor plan

Railway stakeholders have welcomed European Commission plans to reduce rail freight transportation times, improve punctuality and help rail to compete with road transport. But they underlined that member states would need to show genuine political will for the proposals to be a success.
Transport 17-09-2008

EU delays urban transport plans as Mobility Week begins

The Commission yesterday (16 September) celebrated the launch of the 7th European Mobility Week aimed at encouraging citizens to give up their cars and make cities less polluted. But a much-anticipated EU action plan on urban mobility is being held up.
Transport 19-10-2007

EU seeks to shift freight to rail and shipping

The Commission has presented plans aimed at making freight transport in the EU more efficient and sustainable, through improved logistics and by promoting a more frequent use of cleaner modes of transport such as rail and water transport.
Transport 15-10-2007

Rail freight to get extra boost from Commission

The Commission is set to present plans this week aimed at shifting freight transport operations from road to rail by creating a "genuine dedicated rail freight network", with improved journey times, reliability and capacity.
Transport 06-09-2007

Hauliers baulk at EU plans for dangerous cargo

Parliament has backed rules allowing member states to prescribe specific modes of transport or routes for transporters of dangerous goods such as chemicals, despite fierce protests from hauliers, who claim that this will "complicate the business exponentially".
Transport 23-07-2007

‘Monster trucks’ spark controversy

'Modular trucks', 25-metre long, 60 tonne vehicles, being tested across the EU for their capacity to carry larger volumes in fewer trips, have come in for sharp criticism from the rail industry, which accuses their manufacturers of pushing up road-transport demand unsustainably.
Transport 01-03-2006

EU takes anti-terrorism fight to road and rail haulage

The European Commission is proposing a new voluntary scheme to enhance the security of shipments by rail, road and inland waterways against potential terrorist threats.
Transport 09-10-2002

Freight expectations

  Freight transportation companies have moved slowly to keep up with modern business practices. Risk and revenue management could provide the boost the industry needs. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 2 Like it or not, globalization is shaping the modern...