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Elections 20-04-2012

Paris and Berlin, after the French elections

The euro crisis brought Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy together. No matter who enters the Elysée Palace in May, Paris and Berlin will have to work much more closely on deciding Europe’s future, writes Judy Dempsey of Carnegie Europe.
Elections 22-02-2012

‘Buy French’, a questionable panacea for industrial woes

'Buy French' and 'Made in France' have become the new catchphrases for candidates in the French presidential election, but the concept is questionable at least, writes Mathieu Magnaudeix, from Mediapart.
Elections 07-05-2007

EU Policy in the French Presidential Elections

Joachim Schild and Julia Simon (Institute of Political Science at the University of Trier in Germany) take a close look at the partly opposed partly similar approaches of the two final candidates for the French presidential elections, Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP) and Ségolène Royal (PS), and to what extent European policy is part of their election campaigns.