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  • Sarkozy hit with new allegations over arms kickbacks

    News | Elections 03-01-2012

    President Nicolas Sarkozy is facing new allegations of involvement in an old weapons sales scandal four months ahead of French presidential elections, according to court testimony disclosed by the daily Libération.

  • Turkey warns France over Armenian genocide law

    News | Armenia 19-12-2011

    Turkey has warned France of grave consequences should the French Senate pass a bill today (19 December) that would penalise denial of the massacre of over 1 million Armenians in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire.

  • French socialists bury anti-debt ‘golden rule’

    News | Elections 26-09-2011

    As the majority in the French Senate swung to the left yesterday (25 September), François Hollande, the front runner of the Socialist Party for the 2012 Presidential election, declared "dead" the push of the centre-right to enshrine a 'golden rule' in the country's constitution, aimed at limiting debt. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Strauss-Kahn sexual assault charges dropped

    News | Elections 24-08-2011

    A New York judge dropped all criminal sexual assault charges against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn yesterday (23 August), leaving him free to return to France and attempt to rebuild his shattered career.

  • Sarkozy fails to reassure markets

    News | Elections 11-08-2011

    President Nicolas Sarkozy interrupted his Côte d'Azur holiday for crisis meetings yesterday (10 August), as the Paris stock exchange lost 5% of value amid rumours that France may lose its triple ‘A’ rating.

  • France’s Sarkozy draws election race battle lines

    News | Elections 28-06-2011

    President Nicolas Sarkozy drew early battle lines on Monday (27 June) for the 2012 election, making a dig at the 35-hour week set up by the left and saying France must invest for growth if it wants to retain a costly welfare system

  • French far-right endeavours to improve its image

    News | Elections 28-04-2011

    The new leader of France's National Front, Marine Le Pen, warned skinheads to stay away from its annual labour day parade this weekend, stepping up efforts to improve the far-right party's image ahead of elections next year.

  • Roma controversy rocks French cabinet

    News | Languages & Culture 31-08-2010

    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, formerly a high-profile humanitarian activist, said he had considered resigning over the controversy sparked by the expulsions of Roma from France to their home countries, Bulgaria and Romania. Even Prime Minister François Fillon admitted he had "differences" with President Nicolas Sarkozy over his immigration policy.

  • Roma controversy kick-starts French election campaign

    News | Elections 27-08-2010

    Although the next French presidential elections are not until 2012 and French President Nicolas Sarkozy is yet to announce his intention to run for re-election, analysts argue that the forced repatriation of Roma to Bulgaria and Romania has in fact kick-started the election campaign.

  • French UMP hints at ‘protective Europe’ campaign

    News | Elections 09-12-2008

    French Immigration Minister Brice Hortefeux hinted that his centre-right UMP party's campaign ahead of the 2009 European elections would support a protective agenda during a debate on 4 December.

  • Sarkozy heading for landslide victory in French parliamentary elections

    News | Elections 11-06-2007

    The French conservatives scoop a large majority of votes in the first round of parliamentary elections, paving the way for Sarkozy to implement economic and social reforms promised in the presidential campaign.

  • EU Policy in the French Presidential Elections

    Opinion | Elections 07-05-2007

    Joachim Schild and Julia Simon (Institute of Political Science at the University of Trier in Germany) take a close look at the partly opposed partly similar approaches of the two final candidates for the French presidential elections, Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP) and Ségolène Royal (PS), and to what extent European policy is part of their election campaigns.

  • Bayrou seeks French EU re-engagement

    News | Future EU 09-03-2007

    François Bayrou, president of France's UDF centrist party and candidate in the presidential elections in May, has outlined his strategy to address the EU's fundamental crises at Friends of Europe in Brussels.

  • Interview: ‘French campaign lacking EU substance’

    News | Elections 21-02-2007

    Presidential hopefuls, left and right, are steering clear of crucial EU debates in a campaign marked by calls for increased protection from Europe, says Philippe Herzog in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • EU issues in the early French presidential campaign

    News | Economy & Jobs 30-06-2006

    Ségolène Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy, two likely candidates to the French presidential elections in 2007 currently at the top of opinion polls, have already given their views on the big European issues. 

  • Chirac reappoints Jean-Pierre Raffarin

    News 18-06-2002

    As expected after his overwhelming victory in the general elections, French interim Prime Minister Raffarin has been reappointed to lead the next centre-right government.

  • French voters end co-habitation

    News 17-06-2002

    The French voters have given President Chirac's centre-right coalition an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly during the next 5 years. The victory of the French centre-right ends a period of co-habitation with a leftist government. This new majority could have implications for the future positions of France on several EU policies.

  • French elections: first round opens way for end of cohabitation

    News 10-06-2002

    The first round of the French parliamentary elections on 9 June has been won by the centre-right coalition of President Jacques Chirac.

  • French general elections: another defeat for the Left?

    News 05-06-2002

    French citizens will be heading to the polls next Sunday 9 June 2002 for the first round of the general elections to the National Assembly.

  • Polls predict centre-right victory in French legislative elections

    News 17-05-2002

    A poll, conducted by Ipsos, indicates that the center-right could win 41 per cent of the votes in the first round of the French general elections on 9 June (versus 39 per cent of votes for the Socialists). According to the same poll, the extreme-right Front National could win up to 12 per cent of the votes.

  • Raffarin appoints new temporary government

    News 08-05-2002

    Jean-Pierre Raffarin, France's newly appointed Prime Minister, yesterday announced the full composition of the new French government. His government will govern France until the legislative elections in June.

  • Historical victory for Jacques Chirac in French presidency elections

    News 06-05-2002

    On Sunday 5 May, French citizens re-elected Jacques Chirac as their new President, in the second round of the elections. Mr Chirac (RPR) crushed the extreme-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen (Front National) by an overwhelming majority of 81,9 per cent of the votes (vs. 18,04 per cent for Mr Le Pen) - the highest score ever obtained by a candidate in France.

  • Jacques Chirac appoints new Prime Minister

    News 06-05-2002

    Liberal senator Jean-Pierre Raffarin has been named Prime minister of France.

  • Mass demonstrations against extreme right in France

    News 02-05-2002

    On the first of May, just four days before the second round of the presidential elections, more than a million people have demonstrated all over France against the rise of the extreme right Front National.