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Elections 12-05-2022

Le Pen makes her comeback by roasting Mélenchon

After the two weeks of silence that followed her defeat in the presidential election on April 24, Marine Le Pen returned to the political scene by attacking head-on the union of the left and the "fairy tales" of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.
Elections 25-04-2022

Big relief after Macron’s re-election but ‘third round’ ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to unite a deeply divided nation after winning re-election on Sunday (24 April) in a battle against rival Marine Le Pen that saw the far right come its closest yet to taking power.
Elections 24-04-2022

EURACTIV’s French presidential election coverage has kicked off

The French head to the polls on Sunday (April 24) to decide, once again, whether Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen will lead the country for the next five years. Follow EURACTIV’s live coverage from Paris.
Elections 24-04-2022

Polls point to comfortable Macron victory if leftists vote

All latest opinion polls and the results from the first round of the French Presidential elections point to a victory for Emmanuel Macron provided that a large proportion of leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters back the French president over his far-right rival Marine Le Pen.
Elections 21-04-2022

Macron, Le Pen in final poll campaigning rush after bitter TV debate

President Emmanuel Macron and far-right rival Marine Le Pen on Thursday (20 April) prepared for a final rush of campaigning before France's presidential election after an acrimonious TV debate where they clashed over relations with Russia and the Islamic headscarf.

Macron talks up green credentials ahead of French election

President Emmanuel Macron promised to put the environment at the heart of his government if he is re-elected next weekend, in a speech in southern France on Saturday (16 April) designed to appeal to young and green-minded voters.
Elections 19-04-2022

EU Parliament to recover funds from French election candidate Le Pen

The European Parliament said Sunday (17 April) it will try to recover money owed by Marine Le Pen over fraud allegations as the far-right leader prepares to face President Emmanuel Macron in France's unpredictably close election run-off.
Elections 17-04-2022

EU anti-fraud body accuses Marine Le Pen of embezzlement

The EU's anti-fraud body has accused French far-right leader Marine Le Pen and associates of embezzling around €600,000 during their time as MEPs, French website Mediapart said Saturday (16 April), quoting a new report.
Politics 11-04-2022

The strange death of the French Republican party

After the sound and fury, the first round of the French presidential elections delivered few surprises. As expected, we have Macron vs Le Pen: round two. This year’s presidential runoff will be much closer than the 2017 version, though Macron...
Elections 10-04-2022

Presidential election: Emmanuel Macron to face Le Pen in run-off vote

The French go to the polls on Sunday (April 10) to select which of the twelve candidates will make it to the second round of the presidential election to be held on 24 April, after a campaign disrupted by the war in Ukraine. Follow EURACTIV's live coverage from Paris. 
Elections 05-04-2022

Narrowing gap between Macron and Le Pen in French polls rouses concern

In the latest French presidential election polls, the gap between Emmanuel Macron and opponent Marine Le Pen is narrowing, despite optimism from the incumbent's camp at a recent campaign meeting.
Elections 21-03-2022

All you really need to know about the French presidential election

On 10 and 24 April, the French will go to the polls to choose the president of the republic for the next five years.  
Europe's East 22-02-2022

French presidential candidates divided over response to Russia-Ukraine crisis

As tensions run high between the West and Russia over the situation along the Ukrainian border, EURACTIV France analyses the positions of April's presidential election candidates on Moscow.
Elections 10-02-2022

Paris, Brussels ban Canada-style Covid ‘freedom convoys’

Paris police said Thursday (10 February) they would ban so-called "freedom convoys" inspired by a truckers' protest against coronavirus restrictions that has paralysed the Canadian capital Ottawa.
Elections 02-02-2022

Macron says Ukraine, Covid come before re-election campaign

President Emmanuel Macron indicated Tuesday (1 February) he plans to keep the French waiting before confirming he will seek a second term in April elections, saying dealing with the crisis over Ukraine and coronavirus comes first.
Global Europe 01-01-2022

Macron takes EU reins as election looms

France takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union on Saturday (1 January), affording President Emmanuel Macron the chance to pose as the EU's de facto leader in the run-up to national elections in April.
Elections 16-12-2021

Macron teases future ‘ambitions’ as election looms

French President Emmanuel Macron declared his future "ambitions" for the country but declined to formally declare he was running for a second term in a lengthy prime-time TV interview that saw him defend his record as an economic reformer.
Future EU 13-12-2021

Macron’s presidential challenger Pécresse would say ‘non’ to federal EU

The conservative candidate who has emerged as Emmanuel Macron's most serious challenger for next year's presidential election kicked off her campaign on Saturday (11 December) by announcing she would resist German calls for a federal European superstate.
Elections 06-12-2021

Zemmour promises ‘reconquest’ at huge Paris rally

French far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour promised on Sunday (5 December) a “reconquest” against decades of decline at his first political rally, as scuffles with anti-racism protesters broke out on its fringes. “If I win this election, it won’t be...
Elections 02-12-2021

Pécresse emerges as favourite to win French centre-right’s presidential ticket

Valérie Pécresse, a veteran politician who served as minister under former President Nicolas Sarkozy, will go into a runoff as favourite to be picked as the centre-right Les Républicains’ candidate in the French presidential election in April. Pécresse will face...

French centre-right contenders in final push ahead of presidency choice

Five contenders from France's conservative Republicans party crossed swords in a final debate on Tuesday (30 December) ahead of party members choosing its candidate to take on President Emmanuel Macron in next year's elections.
Elections 24-11-2021

Immigration out of control in France, says presidency hopeful Barnier

Michel Barnier, the former European Union Brexit negotiator and now a challenger for the French presidency, said France had lost control of immigration and that a sense of impunity prevailed.
Eastern Europe 16-11-2021

EU meets troubled Eastern Partners in run up to leaders’ summit

Despite proclamations of “strong commitment” to Eastern partners, the EU’s reluctance to fast-track integration for its most ambitious next-door neighbours is causing increasing frustration as top diplomats met in Brussels on Monday (15 November) to chart the policy’s future. EU...
Future EU 29-10-2021

Future of Europe Conference insufficiently fills EU political vacuum

The great expectations some have for the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe, and the little that is known about it, weigh heavily on it, writes Christian Moos.