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Global Europe 16-05-2022

US, EU to boost coordination on semiconductor supply, Russia

The United States and the European Union plan to announce on Monday (16 May) a joint effort aimed at identifying semiconductor supply disruptions as well as countering Russian disinformation, officials said.
Technology 05-04-2022

French Presidency pitches changes to law enforcement provisions in the AI Act

A new compromise text on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and law enforcement marks more swift progress on the AI Act in the EU Council, with the French Presidency aiming for at least a partial general approach in June.

EU ministers reach broad consensus on batteries regulation

EU environment ministers adopted on Thursday (17 March) a general approach for the EU batteries regulation, centred on France's compromise proposal, which had drawn all-around praise for being "balanced" and "ambitious". The Council and the Parliament will now negotiate to agree on the final draft.
Economy & Jobs 11-03-2022

Macron cautious about joint EU debt plan

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday (10 March) the war in Ukraine will require joint EU investments which may lead to a new bout of joint debt, but added he would prefer to talk about the goals first rather...
Global Europe 04-03-2022

Putin tells Macron Russia will achieve its goals in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin told French leader Emmanuel Macron on Thursday (3 March) that Russia would achieve the goals of its military intervention in Ukraine whatever happens, the Kremlin said.

Macron hosts European and African leaders in preparation of Sahel redeployment

The French president welcomed his European and African counterparts to revisit actions to combat terrorism in the Sahel, confirming that the redeployment of French troops in the region is on the horizon.
Global Europe 16-02-2022

Lithuania proposes non-stop visits of EU leaders to Ukraine to discourage war

A ‘continued physical presence’ of European representatives on the ground in Ukraine over the coming days and weeks could prevent an escalation, according to a letter sent on Tuesday (15 February), seen by EURACTIV. “What matters the most right now...
EU-Africa 15-02-2022

EU, Africa at odds over vaccine patents ahead of summit

The EU on Monday (14 February) stood by its refusal to lift patent protections on Covid vaccines, just days ahead of a summit with African Union countries who see the issue as a priority.
China 14-02-2022

EU ministers to back Lithuania in China trade battle

France, which holds the EU's rotating presidency, said on Sunday (13 February) that the European Union would firmly back its fellow member Lithuania in its brewing trade war with China.
Europe's East 11-02-2022

For Georgians, Ukraine tensions revive painful war memories

As tens of thousands of Russian troops mass near Ukraine's border, many in fellow ex-Soviet state Georgia are feeling a frightening sense of déjà vu.
Technology 07-02-2022

France reaffirms call for ‘EU tech awakening’

France reaffirmed its ambition to see the emergence of tech giants on European soil on Monday during the first day of the EU Digital Sovereignty Conference on Monday (7 February) in Paris. EURACTIV France reports.

EU legislators seek a way out of the impasse in DMA negotiations

Little progress was made in the second political trilogue on the Digital Markets Act on Thursday (4 February), but a breakthrough might soon be found by linking the negotiations with the Digital Services Act.

Macron seeks reform of Schengen mirroring the eurozone

The European Union's border-free Schengen area should be managed by regular ministerial meetings, just like the eurozone, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday (2 February), adding that this could start as early as next month.

DSA: MEPs gear up for negotiations ahead of kick-off trilogue

The lawmakers representing the different political groups met on Wednesday (26 January) to iron down the political priorities in view of the first political trilogue of the Digital Services Act (DSA) that will take place on 31 January.
Global Europe 24-01-2022

France keen on EU-Russia talks but against Western ‘division’

France is pushing for direct EU-Russia security talks in addition to an ongoing dialogue between the United States and Moscow, France's Europe minister said Sunday (23 January), while warning against divisions in the Western alliance.

Macron’s French EU presidency presentation turns into a settling of scores

President Emmanuel Macron presented the programme of France's six-month EU Council presidency before very agitated MEPs in Strasbourg on Wednesday (19 January), but it quickly turned into a sparring match with the French opposition.
Global Europe 19-01-2022

Will France quit Mali? Crunch time nears as junta defies Paris

As relations between France and Mali sour rapidly, Paris is wondering whether it is time to stop providing military backup to a country run by a junta that has defied the international community.
Agrifood 19-01-2022

Member states put pedal to the metal on Commission’s carbon farming plans

Member states are keen to step up talks on carbon sequestration in farming under the French EU presidency, given the Commission's legislative proposal expected by the end of the year.
Global Europe 13-01-2022

France urges EU sanctions against Mali

France is to press the European Union to agree sanctions against Mali after its military-dominated leadership shelved a timetable for elections, the French foreign minister said on Wednesday (12 January).
Global Europe 13-01-2022

Stronger support for Eastern partners finds way into amended EU military strategy proposal

Amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine, the EU is set to enshrine stronger support, including in security and defence, for its Eastern partners, according to the latest version of the bloc’s upcoming military strategy document, seen by EURACTIV. “The EU...
Global Europe 10-01-2022

Macron’s vision of European sovereignty

On 9 December, President Emmanuel Macron launched the French EU Presidency programme at an event in the Élysée Palace. Dick Roche takes a closer look at what is in store over the next six months.
Global Europe 07-01-2022

Geopolitics looms large at French presidency launch

The unrest in Kazakhstan, the tensions around Ukraine and the need to have a credible European policy vis-à-vis Russia dominated the high point of the inauguration of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU.
Global Europe 01-01-2022

Macron takes EU reins as election looms

France takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union on Saturday (1 January), affording President Emmanuel Macron the chance to pose as the EU's de facto leader in the run-up to national elections in April.

French ambassador: Smooth transition between presidency stints in common interest

France is intensively preparing for its EU presidency starting in January while working closely with Slovenia, whose stint at the helm of the EU is ending, French Ambassador to Slovenia Florence Ferrari told STA in an interview.