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Development Policy 11-04-2018

French development aid slowly increasing

France's development spending increased in 2017, but after years of successive decline, that has only returned it to 2012 levels. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Euro & Finance 21-10-2016

France strengthens financial transaction tax to fund development

France will increase its Financial Transaction Tax in an attempt to halt the decline of its official development assistance budget, which has been cut each year since 2012. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 25-02-2016

OECD postpones decision on accounting of refugee costs

Major aid donor countries last week failed agree on whether the costs of hosting refugees should be included in their official development assistance calculations. The reform has been pushed back until 2017 or 2018. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 17-02-2016

Reform could see more aid money diverted to refugee crisis

Donor countries will adopt new rules on official development assistance on 18 and 19 February. The accounting of costs linked to security, refugees and the fight against extremism will be up for discussion. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 27-11-2015

Member states deepen development aid diversion to refugees

The Global South is losing out, as EU members dig into their development aid budgets to meet the costs of their asylum policies. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 20-10-2015

France to use 50% of FTT revenue on overseas aid

The French parliament has adopted a proposal to allocate 50% of the Financial Transaction Tax to the country's development budget, bringing to an end four years of cuts. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 06-10-2015

Statistical changes lead to cuts in global poverty

The World Bank has changed its poverty indicator and lifted 200 million people out of extreme poverty. Critics have said this change calls into question recent progress in poverty reduction. EURACTIV France reports
Euro & Finance 04-09-2015

Capital Markets Union another obstacle for FTT

As the 11 countries considering the Financial Transaction Tax prepare to finalise the details its details at the next Ecofin Council, many aspects of the tax are still hazy. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 10-04-2015

French development aid falls below EU average

The French budget for official development assistance (ODA) fell for the fourth year running in 2014. The latest cut of 10% since 2013 has left French ODA below the European average. EURACTIV France reports
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Development Policy 28-11-2014

OECD to redefine Official Development Assistance

Several European countries are trying to have new types of expenditure defined as Official Development Assistance (ODA), which already includes various forms of "phantom" aid, such as hosting foreign students or receiving refugees. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 29-10-2014

French Parliament launches aid budget rescue package

The French Parliament voted to reduce France's 2015 development budget on Tuesday (28 October:. MPs reallocated 35 million euros to help the poorest countries, in an attempt to limit the impact of the reduction. EURACTIV.fr Reports.
[European Commission DG ECHO/Flickr]
Development Policy 03-10-2014

French development aid declines

The French development aid budget has been reduced by almost 20% since 2012. France hopes to cover this reduction with a tax on financial transactions, but the yields are uncertain, EURACTIV France reports
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Google, Apple and Amazon under fire in OECD war on tax evasion

The OECD wants to force businesses to declare their turnover and number of employees in each country where they are active. Among the multinationals targeted are digital giants Google, Apple and Amazon.