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Health 23-09-2019

Fans back call for phasing out single-use plastics from UK stadiums

A survey conducted by YouGov shows football fans support for environmental NGOs' call to clubs in the UK top four divisions to eliminate single-use plastics from their stadiums. 

Multilateral Investment Court: an utterly flawed and unjust system

The European Commission's plans for a Multilateral Investment Court sanctions a biased and ineffective arbitration system, leaving people and the environment exposed to international investors' whims, writes Fabian Flues.
Energy 17-02-2017

The Brief: Beware of white elephants

White elephants are not an endangered species. They are positively thriving and the EU needs to be careful its Energy Union plans aren't trampled by them.
Climate change 29-01-2016

Norwegian industry plans to up fossil fuel production despite Paris pledge

Norway wants other countries to leave their coal and oil in the ground to meet new global climate change targets, but its industry is planning to increase production of its own fossil fuels. 
Energy 09-09-2014

2030 energy package: battle of the leaks

Successive and contradictory leaks about Council conclusions on 2030 energy targets are being met with caution by both industry and environment advocates.
Energy 25-04-2014

UK shale industry claims it could create over 60,000 jobs

Studies on the impact of shale gas extraction in Europe’s economy and energy security are mushrooming in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. The latest from the UK Onshore Operators Group (UKOOG) claims that the development of shale gas in the UK could generate "€40.2 billion” and “create up to 64,000 jobs” in Britain.
Trade & Society 13-03-2014

Business calls on shale gas to end Russian dependence

In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, the European Union should put an end to its dependence on Russian gas imports by being “less emotional” about shale gas exploration, says the head of BusinessEurope, the EU employers' association.

Resource efficiency work must start now, not in 10 years

This spring the European Commission will publish a package on resource efficiency and the circular economy. This must include strong indicators on the EU’s use of resources and set a clear path to reduce the overconsumption of water, land, raw materials and carbon, writes Magda Stoczkiewicz.
Development Policy 21-11-2013

Report: Illegally produced palm oil is financed by European banks

Biofuels giants Bumitama and Wilmar have knowingly traded illegally-extracted palm oil from plantations that encroach on and threaten orangutan habitats, says a report released today (21 November). European banks are amongst the firms' biggest investors.
Energy 14-03-2012

Energy expert: Not enough staff for eco-design directive

The European Commission lacks the staff to fulfill the eco-design directive, despite the huge potential it has for achieving significant carbon dioxide reductions, says Edouard Toulouse.
Climate change 24-05-2011

How to bring 30% back into the emissions debate

Esther Bollendorff argues that a 30% emissions cut target for 2020 remains viable for the European Parliament.
Agrifood 30-01-2001

NGOs demand labelling of GMOs in animal feed

Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth urge swift EU action on labelling of GMOs in animal feed
Enlargement 11-11-2000

Friends of the Earth criticise use of EU aid to candidates

Friends of the Earth Europe says that secretive management of EU enlargement aid could be wasted on environmentally-unfriendly projects.