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Elections 28-02-2018

How the National Front burnt its fingers with a fabricated video

A former campaign director from the far-right National Front party openly admitted on Twitter that he circulated a fabricated video during the French presidential campaign. EURACTIV.com looks into the story as part of the ‘Fact or Fake’ series, in partnership with France 24.
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Brexit 01-07-2014

Farage and eurosceptics turn their backs on European anthem at new Parliament’s opening

The UK Independence Party and France’s Front National on Tuesday staged protests at the opening of the new European Parliament in Strasbourg, where Martin Schulz was elected for a second term as European Parliament President.
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Hollande: Europe should listen to what happened in France

On his arrival at the European Council building in Brussels on Tuesday, French President Francois Hollande that the EU should undergo a 'reorientation'. “Europe should listen to what happened in France”. When France votes like it did on Sunday, when Front National won 25 per cent of votes, yes we have a problem”, Hollande added.
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Schulz on France’s Front National win: ‘This is a bad day for the EU’

Speaking as the first EU election result projection was released, president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz commented on France’s Front National EU election win. ‘This is a bad day for the EU’, Schulz said.