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  • Brussels to give green light for EU-Japan trade talks

    Trade & Society 17-07-2012

    The European Union should go ahead with talks on a potentially groundbreaking free-trade deal with Japan despite opposition from carmakers, the European Commission will say on Wednesday (18 July), in an effort to revive Europe's stagnant economy.

  • EU, India hope for a trade deal by year-end

    Global Europe 10-02-2012

    Meeting in New Delhi on Friday (10 February), EU and Indian leaders said they took a “significant step forward” to speed up negotiations to reach a free-trade pact by the end of the year, which would double trade between the 27-country bloc and the Asian partner.

  • Lead MEP underlines social angle of EU-India trade deal

    Global Europe 09-05-2011

    The Free Trade Agreement currently being negotiated between India and the EU must be accompanied by a clear commitment to respect international social and environmental standards, said Graham Watson MEP, head of the European Parliament's delegation for EU-India relations, which has a say on trade deals.

  • Indian pharma firms, NGOs oppose EU free trade deal

    Trade & Society 14-03-2011

    Indian pharmaceutical industry representatives and NGOs have voiced opposition to an imminent EU-India free trade agreement (FTA) which they claim would limit the emerging nation's ability to produce generic drugs.

  • Ukraine and EU clash in ‘candy row’

    Med & South 15-02-2011

    Ukraine, a country negotiating 'association' status with the EU, has an oversize confectionery industry that employs over 300,000 people. But businesses there are now under threat because the EU wants to introduce a 50% tax on such products, EURACTIV has learned.