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Energy 02-12-2021

€2 billion ‘Clean Hydrogen Partnership’ signals move away from hydrogen cars

Fuel-cell cars once looked to be the future of green mobility, but with electric vehicles now set to dominate the market, the EU’s hydrogen joint undertaking was rebranded this week to signal a shift in priority towards the production of low-cost green hydrogen from electrolysis.
Energy 28-08-2020

Europe, China battle for global supremacy on electrolyser manufacturing

While China currently produces the cheapest electrolysers in the world, Europe leads on innovative technologies which are better suited to produce green hydrogen seen by many as a silver bullet to decarbonise the energy system.
Energy 28-03-2018

Shell opens first-of-its-kind hydrogen refuelling station

Shell has unveiled a new hydrogen refuelling station at one of the UK's busiest service stations, in the same week as the Government delivered multi-million-pound funding for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. EURACTIV's media partner edie.net reports.
Energy 16-03-2018

Gas chief: ‘We expect at least 10% of the car market in 2030’

Just as Europe is engaging in a fierce race to electrify transport, makers of natural gas vehicles are coming out with bullish projections, saying they expect their car fleet in Europe to multiply tenfold to 13 million vehicles in 2030 – a 10% market share that could reach 20-30% for trucks and buses.
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Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration empowering consumers towards a low-carbon future

Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration is a highly-efficient home energy system that simultaneously produces heat and electricity.
Climate change 09-02-2016

Hydrogen provides low-carbon energy solutions

The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, a more recent development than its industrial use, has its place in the low-carbon economy of the future, in both buildings and transport. But the technology is still poorly understood in France. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Transport 12-03-2013

EU’s clean transport dream faces familiar speed bumps

Plans to kick-start Europe’s low carbon vehicles industry with a huge infrastructure package ran into retro roadblocks at a meeting of EU transport ministers yesterday (11 March), with member states bemoaning the use of public funds to reach ambitious targets.

EU hydrogen initiative gets green light

EU research ministers have approved a regulation setting up a long-term public-private research partnership on hydrogen and fuel cells, with the aim of reducing the time to market for these technologies by 2-5 years and thus cutting CO2 emissions.

EU unveils plans to boost hydrogen use in cars

The Commission has proposed simplifying market approval for hydrogen-powered cars and support research with €470 million over the next six years. However, Brussels admits that the technology will have little impact for 10-15 years.

Car industry EU’s top R&D investor

Automobile-sector research represents 30% of overall EU industrial R&D. Most investments are made to reconcile the need to reduce emissions with our dependence on fossil fuels and the demand for enhanced mobility.
Climate change 14-04-2005

Ship fuels to get greener

Sulphur pollution from ships is to be cut back after Parliament gave its green light to a compromise deal with the Council on the marine fuels directive.
Transport 16-03-2005

MEPs call for stricter limits to ship fuel pollution

The Parliaments' Environment Committee has voted in favour of tighter limits to sulphur dioxide emissions of fuels used in large ships, which are blamed for acidification of coastal areas.
Transport 09-10-2002

Tomorrow’s cars, today’s engines

  That fabulous invalid the internal-combustion engine is very far from dead. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 3 The internal-combustion engine was synonymous with the automobile throughout the 20th century. But its future is now at risk, since it faces competition...