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Transport 07-04-2016

What is the EU doing about truck CO2 emissions?

Pressure is mounting on manufacturers to lower carbon dioxide emissions from trucks, buses and coaches. The European Commission is planning to introduce the first EU-wide standards to measure CO2 from heavy duty vehicles this summer, as a first step to regulate emissions.
Energy 15-10-2013

Germany wins backing of EU ministers to block car emissions law

EU environment ministers agreed yesterday (15 October) to German demands to scrap an agreement to cap EU car emissions that Berlin argued would cost jobs and damage its premium auto makers.
Transport 14-03-2013

Car manufacturers ‘manipulating fuel efficiency tests’, report says

Drivers who find that the fuel efficiency in their new car doesn't match up to the claims made by the manufacturer, now know it is not their driving to blame. A new report reveals that carmakers routinely manipulate official UN-backed miles/gallons tests, with a series of tricks including stripping the car down to weigh as little as possible, overinflating the tyres and testing in the thin air at high-altitude tracks.
Energy 29-09-2011

Car industry on defensive over ‘misleading’ efficiency claims

European auto industry representatives have been knocked off balance by new research which appears to contradict well-worn claims by manufacturers that mandatory fuel efficiency targets would make cars unaffordable.