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Transport 10-06-2016

NGO: Truck emissions limits crucial to achieving EU climate goals

Introducing EU-wide CO2 standards for trucks would bring significant savings and place Europe on track to fulfil its Paris climate commitments to cap global warming, a new study has found.
Climate change 17-12-2015

‘Significant behaviour shifts’ needed to cut transport emissions

Reaching the European emissions reduction targets will require citizens to change their driving habits and embrace alternative modes of transport, according to a new report by the EAA. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports
Transport 03-12-2015

EU trucks’ fuel efficiency no better than a decade ago, study claims

Trucks in the European Union are no more fuel efficient than they were more than a decade ago, according to a report released on Thursday (3 December), as calls increase for emissions from heavy duty vehicles to be regulated in the same way as cars.
Transport 15-09-2015

Nine out of ten new diesel cars exceed EU pollution limits, report finds

Nine out of 10 new diesel cars break new EU pollution limits when tested on roads rather than test tracks, according to a new report.
Transport 27-05-2014

Fiat and BMW on track to miss Europe’s 2021 CO2 target

A new report says that all of Europe’s car manufacturers are set to meet a fuel economy target of 95 grams of CO2 per km (g/km) by 2021, except for the Italian auto-maker Fiat, and Germany’s BMW.
Transport 22-05-2014

EU releases strategy to curb lorry CO2 emissions, fuel consumption

The European Commission released yesterday (21 May) a strategy to reduce the CO2 exhaust from lorries, which are responsible for around one quarter of road transport emissions.
Transport 30-09-2013

Germany proposes four-year delay to EU ‘95 grams’ car goal

A German proposal circulated on the fringes of the EU Competitiveness Council on 27 September calls for phasing-in the EU’s 95 grams of CO2 per km (g/km) fuel efficiency standard for passenger cars over a four-year period ending in 2024.
Transport 22-07-2013

Germany went ‘rogue’ to freeze green cars law, say diplomats

Diplomats from several EU states have accused Germany of using threats, intimidation and blackmail to sideline green cars legislation in an unprecedented display of hubris within the Brussels’ corridors of power.
Transport 04-07-2013

Fuel efficiency seen driving demand for new aircraft in EU, globally

Airlines struggling to sustain profits in an era of volatile jet fuel prices will increasingly turn to new and more efficient aircraft, according to industry forecasters who expect to supply more than 7,000 new aircraft in Europe over the next 20 years.
Transport 25-04-2013

MEPs back fuel-efficiency plan for cars, including ‘super-credits’

The European Parliament’s environment committee yesterday (24 April) voted through a firm carbon emissions target for Europe’s passenger cars to reach by 2020, and a ballpark figure for 2025.
Transport 18-03-2013

Report: Tough EU fuel economy rules could create 443,000 jobs

Robust fuel efficiency standards for cars could create up to 443,000 new jobs by 2030 and add €16 billion per year to Europe’s GDP, according to the first economic study of the effects of CO2 legislation on the auto-industry.
Transport 11-07-2012

Carmakers to win ‘super credits’ from low-emission vehicles

The European Commission is planning to re-introduce a clause for ‘super credits’ that would reward manufacturers that switch to electric cars with permits to make high-emitting gas guzzlers, EURACTIV understands. The controversial clause will be part of proposals for CO2 in Cars, due to be announced today (11 July).
Transport 08-06-2012

EU gears up CO2 car targets for 2025, 2030

Brussels is poised to set two new carbon emissions targets that all new cars will need to meet by 2025 and 2030, as well as a standard of 95 grams of CO2 emissions per km (g/km) for 2020, according to a draft regulation seen by EURACTIV.
Climate change 10-05-2012

Report: Firm EU efficiency standards will slash motor costs

Ambitious fuel savings targets such as those proposed by the EU can cut motorists expenses by enormous sums, according to research conducted for Greenpeace by the former chief of the UK’s Environment Agency, Malcolm Fergusson.
Transport 11-04-2012

Air industry wants speedier progress on traffic control

Faced with stagnant economies and rising fuel prices, Europe's airline industry is pressing leaders to speed up the modernisation of the continent’s air traffic control system as a way to improve efficiency.  
Climate change 26-03-2012

Tajani backs away from 2025 fuel efficiency fight

A recent moratorium on new legislation in the automobile sector announced by the European Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani will not apply to CO2 standards in cars, EURACTIV has learned.
Climate change 07-03-2012

VW’s U-turn on CO2 emissions shows green revamp

Volkswagen has stunned Brussels by reconsidering its fierce opposition to EU automobile emissions targets, and promising to reduce its carbon emissions to 120 grams of CO2 per kilometre by 2015, a full 10 grams below the EU’s target.
Climate change 29-02-2012

Report: Slower steaming could cut ship emissions by 15%

If ships were obliged to immediately cut their speeds, they could also slash 15% of their carbon emissions and save billions in lower ship fuel bills, according to a new report.
Brexit 07-12-2011

Canada’s tar sands lobbying gets murky

A row has broken out over a Canadian lobbying mission to the British Foreign Office that opposes the EU’s proposed Fuel Quality Directive. The dispute involves apparently inaccurate information about California’s fuel quality regulations and threats of legal action.