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Energy 05-12-2017

Common failures in predicting future oil demand

In a world where technologies are evolving at a blistering pace, many are struggling to make smart choices, especially in the area of transport, writes Pete Harrison.
Transport 21-09-2016

Where is the ‘road map’ for road transport?

Trucks produce a quarter of the EU’s transport emissions, yet their environmental performance remains unregulated. We need strict standards and a level the playing field for all modes of transport, writes Karima Delli.
Transport 02-07-2015

America’s challenge to European truck supremacy

American trucks have always lagged behind in terms of efficiency, but new US regulations will soon cause the tables to turn, argues William Todts. 
Transport 30-10-2013

The ‘car chancellor’ should consider drivers and the environment too

German pressure is compromising the environmental integrity of the EU’s original proposal for limiting car emissions to 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre by 2020. MEPs must stand up for the deal they negotiated in June, argues Greg Archer.
Transport 28-11-2011

Guiding EU transport innovation

The European Union must adopt fuel economy standards for trucks and other heavy vehicles, something which would both increase energy independence and reduce carbon emissions, argues Deborah Gordon.
Transport 13-04-2011

Taxing fuels according to their energy content makes sense

The European Commission is considering taxing fuel according to energy content rather than volume – a move that is long overdue, writes Eberhard Rhein in an April blogpost.