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Transport 11-07-2014

Brussels loses patience over Single Sky delays

The European Commission sent formal letters to 18 EU countries yesterday (10 July), urging them to improve their Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs), the cornerstones of a single European airspace, saying implementation delays were hurting consumers, airlines and the environment.
Trade & Society 20-06-2013

EU’s single sky ambitions remain grounded by national air traffic jams

SPECIAL REPORT / Labour actions by French air traffic controllers who oppose longstanding EU plans to overhaul air traffic management demonstrate that efforts to improve aviation efficiency and reduce nuisances in Europe’s crowded airspace will not happen easily. EURACTIV reports from the Paris Air Show.
Transport 22-01-2013

Failed air control mergers put EU countries under pressure

The European Commission should end national monopolies of air traffic control if it is to succeed in making air travel more efficient, an executive of low-cost leader Ryanair told EU officials yesterday (21 January).
Transport 10-10-2012

Slow motion on air traffic control triggers furore in Parliament

Anger over the failure of many EU countries to cooperate on air traffic control erupted yesterday (9 October) in the European Parliament’s transport committee, with the panel's chairman accusing national leaders of “deceit” and reneging on commitments to improve aviation performance.