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Report: EU governments disproportionately restricted rights during pandemic

More than half of EU countries failed to safeguard people’s right to peaceful assembly during the pandemic, peaceful protests were violently disrupted by police, and tight restrictions on fundamental rights remained in place even after social distancing measures were scaled back for businesses, a new report by civil rights watchdogs found.
Global Europe 08-04-2020

COVID-19 crisis triggers EU racism against Asians, rights agency says

There has been a spike in recorded cases of racist abuse against people perceived to be of Chinese or Asian descent in the European Union amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the European Union's Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) said in a report published on Wednesday (8 April).
Future EU 27-04-2018

Empire strikes back: EU to combat eastern strongmen with funding threat

The European Union will deploy a new financial weapon next week to try to rein in what Brussels sees as illiberal nationalism rising in the east of the bloc and threatening its democratic foundations.

Migrant rights increasingly flouted in Europe, report says

The European Agency for Fundamental Rights points out in its report five persistent challenges for migration to the EU, from access to territory, to asylum procedures and unaccompanied children.
Transport 14-04-2016

MEPs approve PNR, strengthen data protection

After a series of delays and setbacks, MEPs today (14 April) adopted the controversial European air passenger data directive, though even its supporters accept it is no silver bullet for the EU’s fight against terrorism.

Commission to review stand on gender pay gap this year

The EU executive will review its actions on the gender pay gap this year and may consider legislation requiring companies to be transparent about what they pay employees, a European Commission official told EURACTIV.com.
Central Europe 13-01-2016

Tavares: Discussing rule of law in Poland separately from Hungary will lead ‘nowhere’

The European Commission will hold an ‘orientation debate’ today (13 January) on the rule of law in Poland, after the new government pushed through changes to the judiciary and media.
Digital 29-09-2015

Journalists ask EU to create a ‘rule of law’ mechanism

A report by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) recommends that the EU establishes a Rule of Law mechanism, to keep member states responsible for upholding fundamental values and freedom of expression, and that Article 7 be used to punish countries that curtail media freedoms.
Digital 11-06-2015

German watchdog doubts constitutionality of data retention plans

Germany’s Federal Data Protection Commissioner issued clear criticism against the government’s bill on data retention, saying it not only amounts to a disproportionate violation of Germans’ basic civil rights, but also those of Europeans. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Merkel urges Hungary’s Orbán to respect opposition

During a visit to Budapest, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to take a more open approach towards political opposition and civil society. But the move was not enough according to observers, who accused Merkel of cronyism with a “mafia state”. EURACTIV Germany reports.

EU anti-discrimination law one step closer to adoption

Blocked by some member states, EU anti-discrimination rules could be pushed forward through enhanced cooperation, suggested European Commissioner Martine Reicherts, stressing that transgender people in more than half of EU countries must choose between getting sterilised or not having their identity recognised under national law.
Brexit 04-07-2011

First shots fired in fight for a more ‘social’ Single Market

Attempts to give a more social dimension to the EU's Single Market will result in legislative deadlock similar to the Maternity Rights Directive, the European Commission was warned last week.
Public Affairs 19-01-2011

Parliament scales down Hungary media law debate

A European Parliament debate over Hungary's controversial media law, scheduled to take place at a Strasbourg plenary, had to be rescheduled in a smaller room after the EU assembly's two biggest political groups voted against the plan.
Brexit 18-03-2010

EU’s Reding to push for criminal and civil law reform

Cross-border crimes, such as money laundering or counterfeiting, should be defined in the same way across all EU countries, according to the bloc's new Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, who will outline her long-term ambitions at a conference in Brussels today (18 March).

Communicating Europe begins at home, says Reding

The EU's commissioner for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship, Viviane Reding, reassured her staff that the European Commission will remain in the driving seat in communicating Europe but not without citizens, sources told EURACTIV after an in-house presentation on Friday (12 February).

New EU justice chief vows to protect citizens’ privacy

Reinforcing citizens' rights will be a top priority in the coming years, said Viviane Reding, the EU's commissioner-designate for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship, at a parliamentary hearing yesterday (12 January), voicing her opposition to body scanners at airports.

Parliament backs calls for EU anti-discrimination law

The European Parliament has reminded Commission President José Manuel Barroso of his commitment to put forward a directive outlawing discrimination on a whole range of grounds, including disability, age, religion or belief and sexual orientation, as Brussels finalises preparations for a social policy package to be presented in June. 
Future EU 13-12-2007

Fundamental Rights Charter proclaimed in Parliament amid protest

The Commission, Parliament and Council presidents on Wednesday (12 December) solemnly proclaimed The Charter of Fundamental Rights in the European assembly in Strasbourg, amid shouts from Eurosceptic MEPs.

EU makes limited pledge on disabled rights

For the first time, the European Communities have signed a human-rights charter, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. But, in a last-minute move, the Commission refrained from signing an additional Protocol establishing a complaints procedure, which some member states consider too far-reaching.
Security 02-03-2007

Fundamental Rights Agency opened amid criticism

The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), focusing primarily on the areas of racism and discrimination and formally opened on 1 March 2007 in Vienna, has been criticised as being "a superfluous institution with a limited mandate".
Security 30-08-2006

Commission moves to end discriminatory detention

EU citizens suspected of petty crimes in another Member State would be allowed to return to their home countries to avoid overcrowding prisons, according to a Commission proposal.  
Security 06-07-2006

Commission engages in battle against child abuse

The Commission has launched its first comprehensive strategy to strengthen the protection of children, both within and outside the union, against neglect, paedophilia, trafficking, sex tourism, and forced labour.
Security 28-06-2006

EU countries urged to scrutinise secret services

Commissioner Frattini supports the Council of Europe's (CoE) appeal to its member states to better respect the fundamental rights of suspects and control secret services in the fight against terrorism.
Security 01-07-2005

EU to be guarantor of human rights with new agency, says Frattini

Introducing detailed proposals for a European fundamental rights agency, Justice Commissioner Frattini said that "fundamental rights are at the core of the European Union’s values".