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Technology 29-05-2020

Commission sets sights on digital-savvy citizens 

The European Commission has reiterated the importance of up-skilling adults and young people across the bloc, in order to make European workers more agile in the post-coronavirus digital economy. Speaking as part of an event hosted by Digital Europe on...
Climate change 04-11-2019

EU’s new list of energy projects includes 32 gas facilities

The EU says it wants to get out of fossil fuels and become climate neutral as soon as possible. But the European Commission's latest list of energy projects eligible for EU funding nevertheless includes 32 gas projects, including the construction of new LNG terminals, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Ludwig Forrest and Gerry Salole

No European philanthropic union just yet

Member states’ tax regimes hinder cross-border philanthropy in Europe, write Gerry Salole and Ludwig Forrest.
Technology 09-07-2014

Mr Juncker: pick one Commissioner for communications, another for the media sector

In the coming weeks, Jean-Claude Juncker faces the challenge to match profiles, portfolios and country ambitions with the needs of EU citizens. One is to communicate the EU message better; another is to ensure a sustainable industry strategy for the fragile media sector. Mr Juncker shouldn’t confuse these two, writes Christophe Leclercq.
Elections 19-03-2014

Parliament wants tougher funding rules for EU political parties

The EU Parliament has put new rules in the pipeline on Tuesday (18 March) aimed at increasing funding transparency of pan-European political parties. The rules bar parties from receiving funding if they don’t respect EU values.
Regional Policy 22-10-2012

Hahn: Cohesion Policy is Greece’s main public investment

Cohesion Policy will be the main public investment instrument for Greece in the foreseeable future, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn told Greek regional governors in Athens. EURACTIV Greece contributed reporting for this article.
Development Policy 19-12-2011

2050 roadmap to re-boot stalled energy efficiency talks

Denmark, which takes over the EU's rotating presidency on 1 January, is likely to use the European Commission's Energy Roadmap 2050 as a tool to push through an agreement on the stalled Energy Efficiency Directive. 

EU research priorities to be revealed, renamed

Climate change, energy, health and SMEs will form the centre of European Commission proposals for research funding within the new Common Strategic Framework (CSF), which will be renamed today (10 June) at a 700-strong stakeholder event.
Brexit 20-05-2011

Special Report: London Stock Exchange, Commission link up on SME funding

The London Stock Exchange is collaborating with the European Commission to devise new funding mechanisms for SMEs, and new SME envoys from all member states will meet for the first time in Budapest next week, the European Business Summit heard yesterday (19 May).
Health 04-05-2011

EU funding for stem cell research stirs debate

Stem cell research deemed "immoral" in the EU will nevertheless be funded by Brussels, possibly patented overseas and re-imported for sale, policymakers and experts said following the issuing of an opinion by an advocate-general of the European Court of Justice.
Brexit 25-01-2011

EU moves to cut red tape for research

The European Commission has taken steps to simplify EU funding for research and innovation to cut costs and attract more participants, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Regional Policy 11-11-2010

Commission wants regional funds to match 2020 goals

The European Commission presented yesterday (10 November) its blueprint for reform of the EU's cohesion policy, linking funding for regions to the achievement of the targets set out in the 'Europe 2020' strategy for jobs and growth.
Climate change 26-07-2010

Pay Eastern Europe to cut emissions and move to 30%

Europe can increase its emissions reduction target if it finds ways to redirect funding from Western to Eastern European countries, which oppose the move to a more ambitious commitment to fight climate change, writes David Buchan from the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies.
Development Policy 29-10-2009

UN climate chief downgrades hopes for post-Kyoto treaty

It seems unlikely that a comprehensive climate treaty will be sealed at December's UN conference in Copenhagen despite progress made, but a political agreement is still very much possible, Yvo de Boer, the UN's top climate official, told journalists yesterday (28 October).
Development Policy 21-10-2009

Poland blocks EU climate funding decision

EU finance ministers yesterday (20 October) failed to agree on funding climate mitigation and adaptation in developing countries, due to Poland and Eastern European countries' concerns that they would end up paying more than they can afford.
Public Affairs 17-06-2009

Auditors highlight EU funds’ risk exposure

European Commission departments should cooperate more closely in spreading funding across a range of financial institutions to reduce the EU executive’s exposure to risk in the event of banking failures, found a report released yesterday (16 June) by the European Court of Auditors.
Public Affairs 24-04-2009

Germany pressured to disclose farm aid beneficiaries

The European Commission yesterday (23 April) threatened Germany with infringement proceedings should it fail to publish a list of recipients of EU farm subsidies by the end of the month.
Public Affairs 03-10-2008

New website reveals EU funding beneficiaries

The European Commission yesterday (2 October) launched a website making details of the beneficiaries of EU funding publicly available for the first time.
Public Affairs 23-07-2008

EU funding fraud on the rise

The financial impact of irregularities and suspected fraud in the use of EU funds by the bloc's member states continues to grow despite the decreasing number of cases documented, reveals a report published yesterday (22 July) by the European Commission.
Development Policy 19-12-2007

Party funding reform aims to boost turnout in 2009 EU elections

The EU institutions yesterday adopted a new regulation designed to raise the profile of European political parties, with a view to raising public awareness of European issues and improving voter turnout ahead of the next European Parliament elections in 2009.
Agrifood 12-10-2007

Parliament backs plan for more transparency on EU farm spending

The European Parliament yesterday (11 October) adopted a report on how EU agricultural expenditures could be made more transparent to the public by making information on beneficiaries available online.
Development Policy 19-09-2007

EU to help poor nations fight global warming

The European Commission is to set up a €50 million fund to help developing nations fight global warming, the EU executive announced on September 18.
Trade & Society 27-08-2007

Funding energy efficiency in the EU

EURACTIV examines the different ways in which energy efficiency improvements are funded in Europe, whereby  EU funds are only a small part of a large equation that includes market-based instruments, bank financing and private sector initiatives. 
Development Policy 18-07-2007

EU public funding for Galileo

Contrary to popular belief, the issue bedevilling Galileo is not finding public funding, as there are many Member States willing to invest heavily, argues André Ferron in a paper for the think-tank Confrontations Europe. Nevertheless, Gallileo should not be ''nationalised'': it would be better if public funding were endorsed by the EU so that its own interests prevail, he claims.