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Ludwig Forrest and Gerry Salole

No European philanthropic union just yet

Member states’ tax regimes hinder cross-border philanthropy in Europe, write Gerry Salole and Ludwig Forrest.
Technology 09-07-2014

Mr Juncker: pick one Commissioner for communications, another for the media sector

In the coming weeks, Jean-Claude Juncker faces the challenge to match profiles, portfolios and country ambitions with the needs of EU citizens. One is to communicate the EU message better; another is to ensure a sustainable industry strategy for the fragile media sector. Mr Juncker shouldn’t confuse these two, writes Christophe Leclercq.
Climate change 26-07-2010

Pay Eastern Europe to cut emissions and move to 30%

Europe can increase its emissions reduction target if it finds ways to redirect funding from Western to Eastern European countries, which oppose the move to a more ambitious commitment to fight climate change, writes David Buchan from the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies.
Development Policy 18-07-2007

EU public funding for Galileo

Contrary to popular belief, the issue bedevilling Galileo is not finding public funding, as there are many Member States willing to invest heavily, argues André Ferron in a paper for the think-tank Confrontations Europe. Nevertheless, Gallileo should not be ''nationalised'': it would be better if public funding were endorsed by the EU so that its own interests prevail, he claims.

Future developments in European regional policy

This report examines issues associated with the regional and CAP funding debate, post-2006. It provides a timetable for negotiations at EU Level.