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Agrifood 01-07-2021

EU countries call for ‘permanent ban’ on fur farming

Austria and the Netherlands are leading a coalition of EU countries asking the European Commission to legislate to end fur farming in Europe. They received broad support among other EU member states although some expressed reservations.

Why the tide is turning on fur farming in Europe

As ethical and animal welfare concerns grow, fur farming bans are spreading across Europe. The tide is turning and this is the time to show why the fur industry belongs in the past, write Joh Vinding and Reineke Hameleers.

Protecting conservation or commercial interests?

The highly invasive raccoon dog has been nominated for inclusion on the list of Invasive Alien Species of Union Concern, yet cynical moves are afoot to thwart this conservation measure, warn Ilaria Di Silvestre, Staci McLennan and Joanna Swabe.
Agrifood 28-10-2015

Distinctions must be made between ideology and animal welfare

Animal welfare is not the true motive behind activist crusades against the fur industry ? it is ideology wrapped in sheep’s clothing, write Kenneth Ingman and Mette Lykke Nielsen.
Agrifood 21-10-2015

It is time to see through the marketing tactics of the European fur industry

Member states have an opportunity to play a leading role for animal welfare globally by phasing out fur farming, write Salla Tuomivaara and Siri Martinsen.
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Health 07-01-2014

This is Fur: European Parliament, 21-23 January

Years of campaigning against the fur industry have created prejudices and myths among Europeans. The European fur sector will therefore now more than ever pro-actively focus on being a transparent and open industry, ready with facts and reliable information.