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Public Affairs 07-01-2010

On the Primacy of Process: Brussels and Copenhagen

"It is process rather than personalities which holds the key to understanding the European Union as it totters into a new world after the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon," writes Tom Spencer, executive director of the European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA), in a Christmas briefing paper, predicting that "it will be some months yet before we can say with any certainty how the Union will function in its new Treaty garb".
EU Priorities 2020 07-01-2010

EU president picks Catholic forum to outline vision

Herman Van Rompuy, Europe's newly-appointed president, spelt out his political vision before hundreds of people at a Brussels gathering of the 'Grandes Conferences Catholiques' shortly before Christmas.
EU Priorities 2020 03-11-2009

An EU ‘fit for purpose’ in the global age: Can we rise to the challenge?

Although the imminent completion of the Lisbon Treaty ratification process should allow the EU to emerge from its "period of introspection", "we should be under no illusions" as the "long and painful" ratification experience revealed problems with the legitimacy of EU integration and the direction the Union is taking, write Loukas Tsoukalis, Olaf Cramme and Roger Liddle in an October paper for the Policy Network.
EU Priorities 2020 06-11-2008

Interview: European Parliament needs ‘ideological coalition’

An "ideological coalition" holding a majority in the European Parliament should be formed after the EU elections in June 2009 to push forward a substantial package on the economy, Graham Watson, leader of the liberal group in the Strasbourg Assembly, told EURACTIV in an interview.
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2008

Sharing a vision of the ‘New Europe’

"The vocation of Europe in the course of the 21st century is to become the lever of step-by-step intercontinental convergence and unification," writes former Belgian Prime Minister Mark Eyskens in an August paper for Europe's World, claiming that one must look to the future "to understand Europe's current choices".
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2008

Interview: ‘Political reality hampering Sarkozy’s EU ambitions’

France's EU Presidency objectives, primary among which is the much-vaunted 'Union for the Mediterranean' project, are so ambitious that the government may not have the means to implement them, Olivier Ferrand, the president of Terra Nova, a new progressive think tank, told EURACTIV France in an interview. 
Future EU 25-08-2008

Ireland opens debate on Lisbon Treaty revote

A second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty would "ultimately" be required in Ireland to prevent its isolation now that all other 26 member states appear likely to ratify it, the country's Minister of State for European Affairs Dick Roche said at the weekend.
EU Priorities 2020 03-07-2008

France to launch European citizenship project

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked his Prime Minister François Fillon to "start inter-ministerial work" on the basis of a report, presented last week, which highlighted the hurdles still faced by millions of Europeans living in another EU country, an Elysée spokesperson told EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 02-07-2008

Professor: Citizens want ‘concrete, pragmatic EU’

Demand is growing among Europeans for a "pragmatic" EU which focuses on "concrete" issues, Dominique Reynié, a professor at Paris's prestigious Sciences-Po university, told EURACTIV France.
Future EU 26-06-2008

What next? How to save the Treaty of Lisbon

Most suggestions on how to proceed following the Irish 'no' vote on the Lisbon Treaty "entail considerable political costs" despite being legally feasible, argue Daniel Gros and Sebastian Kurpas of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), instead proposing their own solution to the impasse.
Future EU 18-06-2008

Irish vote, Europe’s future: Four options after the ‘no’

In the aftermath of the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, Dominik Hierlemann considers four options for the future in a June 2008 paper for the Bertelsmannstiftung.
EU Priorities 2020 09-05-2008

EU questions its future direction on Europe Day

Today, as on every 9th of May, the European institutions will celebrate Europe Day, highlighting the successes of EU integration. But socialists and other political leaders say the celebration should also offer "a more political debate" about the EU's future direction.
EU Priorities 2020 09-04-2008

‘Le Monde’ goes Europe, the UK goes chicken

National communication plans on Europe tend to see the EU as a problem, implying that "how to communicate" dominates "what to communicate," write Judith Merkies and Marcel Canoy of the European Commission. Instead, we'd better accept Europe as a fact of life, they argue.
Public Affairs 27-02-2008

Forum seeks to address ‘gulf’ between youth and policymakers

An innovative online forum has been launched to narrow the 'yawning gulf' between the concerns of young professionals and those of the EU institutions.
Future EU 22-01-2008

A star pupil playing it safe in the EU: Slovenia’s Council presidency

The EU presidency will serve as a powerful instrument for further 'Europeanisation' of Slovenia both in terms of adopting European practices, norms and values and promoting its political interests at EU level, argues Manja Klemen?i? in a paper for the think tank Notre Europe.
Future EU 22-01-2008

Vienna theatre stages high-level discussion on Europe

Germany's former foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, and George Soros, financier and philanthropist, were among the speakers at a forum on "World disorder and the role of Europe" hosted in Vienna's oldest theatre. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.
Future EU 14-01-2008

Blair speech sparks EU presidency speculation

Tony Blair has set out his vision for the future of European democracy as speculation mounts over the identity of the first president of the EU, set to be inaugurated in 2009.
Future EU 07-12-2007

The new EU Treaty and the prospects for future integration

As European leaders prepare to sign the Treaty of Lisbon on 13 December, a new publication from the European Policy Centre (EPC) considers the outlook for the future of EU integration.

Climate change, energy policy top French EU presidency’s list

Government and civil society organisations have both identified energy policy and fighting climate change as priorities of the country's upcoming EU presidency next year. But civil society groups fear that government officials may not share their growth and job creation goals, a conference hosted by EURACTIV France heard.
EU Priorities 2020 16-11-2007

Breaking out of the vicious circle of EU politics

The scope of EU decision-making must be enlarged if Europe is to "break out of the vicious circle of always waiting for a miracle to fall out of the sky", writes Daniel Cohn-Bendit, co-president of the Greens group in the European Parliament, in the autumn edition of Europe's World.
EU Priorities 2020 06-11-2007

How Europe should address the challenges of the ‘Asian century’

Europe is tired and faces decline unless there is a renaissance that goes further than EU-level regulation, writes Bela Kadar, Hungary’s former minister for international economic relations, for Europe's World
EU Priorities 2020 23-10-2007

Treaty reform: over and done with…at last

Last week's treaty summit may mark the end of an entire phase of the European integration process in which progress has chiefly been made through institutional "giant leaps forward", argues a post-summit analysis from the European Policy Centre (EPC).
Future EU 18-10-2007

The Reform Treaty and its implications explained

An agreement on the new Reform Treaty looks likely at this week's summit, according to Hugo Brady and Katinka Barysch of the Centre for European Reform (CER).
EU Priorities 2020 17-10-2007

The status of Brussels in the hypothesis of confederalism

The confederal model of statehood offers a solution for the future of Belgium, argue Hugues Dumont and Sébastien Van Drooghenbroeck for the think tank Brussels Studies.