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Agrifood 29-06-2022

G7 countries pledge extra billions to fight global food crisis

The G7 countries want to mobilise an additional €4.3 billion to counter the global food crisis exacerbated by Russia's war in Ukraine, they said in a statement issued at the end of a summit in Germany on Tuesday (28 June).
Global Europe 29-06-2022

EU insurance ban targets Russian oil exports

An EU ban on insuring ships transporting Russian oil could potentially hurt Moscow more than its embargo on the nation's crude, analysts say.
Global Europe 29-06-2022

US talking with India on Russia oil price cap

Talks on agreeing and implementing a price cap on Russian oil exports have begun with large oil consuming countries, including India, and will soon start with smaller consumers in Africa and Latin America, US officials said on Tuesday (28 June).

G7 stress close alignment with non-Western democracies amid fears of bloc politics

Leaders of the West’s biggest democracies sought to demonstrate unity with non-Western democracies at the G7 summit that concluded on Tuesday (28 June), as the world heads towards a new era of bloc politics.

Germany’s Scholz rallies G7 countries behind ‘climate club’ idea

G7 countries have put their weight behind German Chancellor Olaf Sholz's idea to create a climate club of ambitious countries aiming to accelerate their efforts, which is seen as complementary to the EU’s carbon border tax.
Global Europe 28-06-2022

Iran applies to join BRICS group of emerging countries

Iran has submitted an application to become a member in the group of emerging economies known as the BRICS, an Iranian official said on Monday (27 June).
Europe's East 28-06-2022

G7 denounces ‘war crime’ as Russia missile strike kills 16 in shopping mall

A Russian missile strike on a crowded mall in central Ukraine killed at least 16 people in what Group of Seven leaders branded "a war crime" at a meeting in Germany where they looked to step up sanctions on Moscow.
Global Europe 27-06-2022

Biden urges G7 to stay together as leaders target Russian gold, oil price

US President Joe Biden told allies “We have to stay together" against Russia on Sunday as G7 leaders gathered for a summit dominated by war in Ukraine and its impact on food and energy supplies and the global economy.
Global Europe 27-06-2022

Russia steps up missile strikes on Ukraine as G7 leaders gather

Russian missiles struck an apartment block and close to a kindergarten in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Sunday, in strikes US President Joe Biden condemned as "barbarism" as world leaders gathered in Europe to discuss further sanctions against Moscow.
Global Europe 27-06-2022

Western leaders gear up against Chinese influence

To tackle the growing influence of China and its belt and road initiative, Western leaders launched a Western counter-initiative worth $600 billion to lessen the Chinese economic grip on low- and middle-income countries.
Global Europe 26-06-2022

Russians ‘fully occupy’ Severodonetsk, shift focus to Lysychansk

Russia's army has "fully occupied" the key Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk after weeks of fighting, its mayor said, as Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to send nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus within months.
Global Europe 26-06-2022

G7 summit kicks off under shadow of Ukraine war, stagflation risk

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomes leaders of the Group of Seven rich democracies on Sunday to a three-day summit in the Bavarian Alps overshadowed by the war in Ukraine and its far-reaching consequences, from energy shortages to a food crisis.
Agrifood 24-06-2022

G7 gear up to counter Putin’s use of ‘hunger as weapon’

Ahead of a G7 summit this weekend, the German government gathered ministers from 40 countries in Berlin on Friday (24 June) to draw up strategies for global food security in the face of Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports.
Energy 23-06-2022

G7 to discuss gas turbine needed by Germany, blocked in Canada by sanctions

The G7 will discuss the fate of a Russian turbine blocked in Canada and blamed for reducing gas supplies to Germany, though the bloc may not reach a solution by the end of the meeting, Canada's Natural Resources Minister said.
Global Europe 23-06-2022

Biden, fragile at home, faces historic leadership task in Europe

Leader of the free world sounds like a superhero character, but the Joe Biden heading this week to twin European summits is in reality a politically fragile president tasked, somehow, with resolving an unenviable string of diplomatic problems.
Global Europe 23-06-2022

Russia makes life ‘hell’ in east Ukraine as EU leaders meet

EU leaders will gather in Brussels Thursday (23 June) to discuss calls to formally grant war-torn Ukraine "candidate status" to join the bloc, as Russian forces slowly advance in the eastern Donbas region despite fierce resistance from Kyiv's military.
Energy 27-05-2022

G7 pledges to phase out coal power but without fixing date

Ministers from the world's richest democracies agreed on Friday (27 May) to work to phase out coal-powered energy, but failed to set a date to do so.
Europe's East 20-05-2022

G7 agree on $18.4 billion to keep Ukraine running, ready with more

The Group of Seven's financial leaders agreed on $18.4 billion to help Ukraine pay its bills in coming months and said they were ready to stand by Kyiv throughout its war with Russia and do more if needed.
Europe's East 19-05-2022

G7 finance ministers to thrash out Ukraine aid plan

G7 partners meet Thursday (19 May) hoping to find a solution for Kyiv's budget troubles as the fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to roil the global economy.
Europe's East 17-05-2022

G7 finance ministers plan €15 billion aid for Ukraine

The finance ministers of the Group of Seven economic powers want to put together a €15 billion aid package for Ukraine at their meeting in Bonn this week, a senior German government official said on Tuesday (17 May).
Global Europe 15-05-2022

Ukraine wages counteroffensive against Russian forces in east

Ukrainian forces have launched a counteroffensive near the Russian-held town of Izium in eastern Ukraine, a regional governor said on Saturday (14 May), in what could prove a serious setback for Moscow's plans to capture the entire Donbas region.
Agrifood 13-05-2022

Ukraine minister seeks G7 help to export 40 million tonnes of grain

Global food security and the impact of Russia’s invasion are high on the agenda of the G7 agriculture ministers meeting on Friday and Saturday (13-14 May), with Ukrainian minister Mykola Solskyj as a special guest.
Global Europe 09-05-2022

Putin to mark WW II victory as Ukraine decries school bombing

Russian forces bombed a village school in eastern Ukraine killing about 60 people, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, as Russia prepared to mark the 9 May anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two.
Global Europe 08-05-2022

Sixty feared dead in Ukraine school bombed by Russia

As many as 60 people were feared to have been killed in the Russian bombing of a village school in the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, the regional governor said on Sunday (8 May).