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Global Europe 23-08-2019

Ukraine, EU oppose Trump’s suggestion of readmitting Russia to G7

Ukraine's president backed leading European powers on Thursday (22 August) in opposing the readmission of Russia to the Group of Seven advanced economies, saying Moscow still occupied Crimea and was frustrating peace in eastern Ukraine.
Europe's East 23-11-2015

Steinmeier: Russia is serious about solution in Syria

Russia feels increasingly under threat from developments in the Middle East and appears to be serious about cooperating with the West to resolve the war in Syria, Germany's foreign minister said yesterday (22 November).
Global Europe 04-06-2014

Western leaders hold Brussels summit in snub to Putin

The world's leading industrialised nations meet without Russia for the first time in 17 years on Wednesday, leaving President Vladimir Putin out of the talks, in retaliation for his seizure of Crimea and Russia's role in destabilising eastern Ukraine.
A US veteran in a Normandy cemetery. Archive photo
Global Europe 07-05-2014

Putin to attend D-Day anniversary

On 6 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit France to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Allies' landing at Normandy, a turning point in World War II, where US President Barack Obama and other Western leaders are also expected.
Obama Air Force One
Global Europe 26-03-2014

Obama pays first visit to EU capital

Russia and the West drew a tentative line under the Ukraine crisis yesterday, after US President Barack Obama and his allies agreed to hold off on more damaging economic sanctions unless Moscow goes beyond the seizure of Crimea. Obama arrived in Brussels today (26 March) for his first visit to the EU capital since he first took office in 2009.
Europe's East 05-03-2014

Let’s return to the 21 February agreement, Russia tells EU

EXCLUSIVE / Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov advised the EU to return to the agreement signed on 21 February by the Ukrainian opposition and the ministers of foreign affairs of Poland, Germany and France, as a way to unblock the stalemate between his country and the West regarding Ukraine. 
Development Policy 19-06-2013

G8 summit mulls action on tax evasion

The world's rich economies said they would take a tougher stance on fighting money laundering and tax evasion but promised little in the way of specific new action at the end of a two-day summit yesterday (18 June).
Global Europe 18-06-2013

Putin faces isolation over Syria at G8 summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin faced further isolation on the second day of a G8 summit today (18 June) as world leaders lined up to pressure him into toning down his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Global Europe 17-06-2013

Leaders to discuss trade, tax and Syria at G8 summit

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will today host the leaders of the G8 – the United States, Japan, Canada, Russia, Germany, France and Italy, representing half of the global economy – at the Lough Erne golf resort in Northern Ireland.
Development Policy 14-06-2013

INFOGRAPHIC: Russia lags behind G8 partners on development aid

Leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) countries are meeting in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, on 17-18 June, under the group’s UK presidency. This EURACTIV infographic shows how much each of the G8 countries spends on development assistance and how this effort compares to the country’s GNI. 
Global Europe 14-06-2013

Putin slams EU for ‘dependency mentality’

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking ahead of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland on 17-18 June, said his country would not follow the mistakes of Europe that led to the eurozone crisis. In a wide-ranging interview he blamed the EU’s "mentality” for endangering the economy and the “moral basics of society”.
EU Priorities 2020 25-04-2013

Cameron urges EU leaders to reach decision on tax evasion before G8

UK Prime minister David Cameron on Wednesday (24 April) called for his peers in the European Council to take decisive action on tax evasion before the G8 summit in June.
Energy 27-05-2011

G8 summit urges stringent nuclear safety rules

Leaders of the Group of Eight want more stringent international rules on nuclear safety following the disaster at Japan's Fukushima plant, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said at Deauville yesterday (26 May).
Med & South 15-03-2011

France and Germany clash over Libya no-fly zone

France pressured G8 foreign ministers yesterday (14 March) to agree action on Libya and back its efforts to speed up a UN Security Council decision on imposing a no-fly zone, but hit opposition from partners like Germany.
Euro & Finance 01-09-2009

EU leaders pledge action on bonuses at G20

EU leaders took aim at the banking sector yesterday (31 August), pledging to check banks' power and push for limits on bonus payments at a G20 summit later this month.
Development Policy 10-07-2009

G8 2050 climate pledge fails to convince

The G8's "historic" agreement to halve greenhouse gas emisisons by 2050 in L'Aquila, Italy this week was immediately condemned by green groups as "vague" and insufficient to halt global warming in the absence of a decisive mid-term target.
Euro & Finance 10-03-2009

G20: EU finance ministers to call for doubling of IMF funds

European Union finance ministers will on Tuesday (10 March) back a call from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to double its funds to $500 billion at the G20 finance ministers' meeting this week, a document showed.
EU Priorities 2020 17-07-2008

Interview: EU leaders ‘too weak’ on human rights

The EU and its new, six-month French Presidency must push harder on issues such as good governance and human rights in the international arena, including with Russia and at the Olympic Games in Beijing, Socialist MEP Ana Maria Gomes (Portugal) told EURACTIV in an interview.
Development Policy 05-06-2007

Protests and uncertainty before G8 summit

The run-up to the 6-8 June G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, has been characterised not only by international disagreement on how to manage climate change, but also by violent clashes between police and protestors. 
Development Policy 04-06-2007

EU lukewarm on Bush’s new climate proposals

While welcoming the US initiative as a step in the right direction, EU leaders stressed that any future deal must be agreed within the framework of the United Nations and accompanied by "binding, measurable and enforceable targets".

Merkel in last-minute bid to clinch G8 climate-change deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with US President George W. Bush ahead of the G8 summit in a last-ditch attempt to convince him to commit to key targets and timetables for fighting global warming.
Med & South 25-05-2007

EU to aim for energy-savings agreement at G8

Commission President Barroso outlined the EU's objectives on energy-efficiency and climate change for the G8 Summit on 6-8 June and commented on increasingly tense relations with Russia after a chilly bilateral summit in May.
Trade & Society 17-07-2006

Deadline for global trade deal extended yet again

Leaders of the world’s big powers have set yet another deadline for concluding a deal aimed at liberalising global trade.
Energy 14-07-2006

Mideast crisis set to hijack G8 energy talks

Tensions between Israel and its neighbours have sent crude oil prices above 78$ a barrel just one day ahead of a meeting of world leaders in Russia devoted to energy supply security.